Now that product as a sports brandThe quality is the MADE IN JAPAN brand "YONEX", which is highly evaluated at the world level.Starting with sports such as badminton and tennis, we have introduced original technology in snowboarding and steadily accumulated step by step to produce high quality products.The speed of its evolution is also the appeal of the YONEX brand.
The process of growth is always with the success of athletes.Ryo Aono, Yuto Totsuka and other world-class riders will support the growth and success of the athletes, and the riders who continue to build the foundation of the YONEX brand in each snowboarding scene will continue to support them.The idea of ​​athlete first that flows throughout YONEX is clearly expressed there.Riders not only do activities such as slipping themselves, but also participate in various events planned by YONEX, interact with users, and support their skill improvement. "Telling the fun of snowboarding" is an important factor as a YONEX rider.

YONEX continues to grow with many riders, including world-class riders such as Ryo Aono, Yuto Totsuka, and Sena Tomita.Along with the development story of excellent products that are currently being talked about, we have been actively engaged in activities that lead to the spread of snowboarding for many years (RIDE ON! Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort).

YONEX riders are event participants
Support skill improvement
"Free lesson" to convey the fun of snowboarding

"YONEX JUNIOR GROW UP PROJECT" is a lesson session for elementary school students to high school students.Anyone who has enough skill to make a turn can participate for free.Here, veteran riders such as Ryo Aono, who played in consecutive Olympics with Vancouver and Sochi, and Ryo Aoki, who has been active in professional competitions, act as coaches, identify the current skills of the participants, set goals for lessons, and set goals for them. The content is to aim for technical improvement so that it can be cleared.Furthermore, the coaching is not limited to technology, but the main theme is "enjoying snowboarding." Held all over the country using facilities that can be practiced even in the off-season, such as KINGS, Quest, Kamui Misaka, and Snowva.Yuto Totsuka, who has grown into a rider aiming for the top of the world, has also participated in lessons.

Coaching by veteran riders is not just about teaching skills, but about communicating the fun of snowboarding to kids through the joy of feeling their own progress (Kamui Misaka Ski Resort).
Artificial jump facilities have appeared in various parts of Japan.The change in the practice environment during the off-season has boosted the growth speed of many kids riders (Saitama QUEST).
It is important to coach in an easy-to-understand manner from the perspective of children.He is an experienced rider and has been fully involved in coaching, so he can understand the anxiety factors and points for improvement (Snova Hashima Ski Resort).

"Adult lessons" is a free lesson for adults over 18 years old.It's fun to be able to improve your snowboarding by slipping into it.It's the same for adults as well as juniors.Even if you're sluggish, you might be able to overcome that barrier for some reason and experience even more fun snowboarding.An event where such adults get together and try to solve their daily worries while receiving advice from their coaches.Furthermore, in the Gratley scene, which is booming all over the world, we are implementing timely projects such as "Gratley Session & One Point Lesson Meeting" centered on Chisato Kurokawa and Shu Fujita, which are required by general snowboarders.In addition, in the technical field where the number of junior participants has increased significantly recently, SAJ's first national demonstrator Masaru Shindo and SAJ demonstrator Yosuke Maruyama held a "technical camp".

"Gratley session & one-point lesson" on the summer slope, which can be said to be a rare scene.It seems to be an even more popular event in the future (Rokuroshi Kogen)
Masaru Shindo, the first SAJ National Demonstrator, firmly teaches the secrets of carving.It is also a good experience that accurate board control is required because it is a summer slope (Sun Village Akane)
Recently, not only adults but also juniors and kids are increasing the number of snowboarders aiming for technical competitions.Because it's summer, it's a good idea to check your riding in detail (Fujiten Snow Resort).

On the other hand, Shiho Nakashima, who also participated in the Turin and Vancouver Olympics, is currently working as an employee of YONEX, and is also active in promoting snowboarding and enlivening the contest scene through "YONEX JUNIOR GROW UP PROJECT" and "adult lessons". I am involved.There are various ways of getting involved and scenes of activity, but there is no change in the direction.
At these various events, YONEX riders will convey to the participants not only the riding technique but also the deep fun of snowboarding.What you can tell because you are an experienced rider, the new charm of snowboarding that you will notice from communication with such riders.It's an exciting event that you can't experience just by slipping alone.

Advice from veteran riders will lead to efficient skill improvement of techniques, and it will be a good chance to acquire various knowledge and information (Hiroshima QUEST).

Free lesson schedule from now on

YONEX JUNIOR GROW UP PROJECT in Winghills Shirotori Resort (Gifu Prefecture)
2019 years 12 month 21 day (Saturday)
Coaches Tomohiro Nakano, Eri Atsumi, Shiho Nakashima (planned)
Adult lessons in Winghills Shirotori Resort (Gifu Prefecture)
2019 years 12 month 21 day (Saturday)
Winghills Shirotori Resort
Coaches Tomohiro Nakano, Eri Atsumi, Shiho Nakashima (planned)
Yonex Carving Free Camp in Jeunesse Kurikoma Ski Resort (Akita Prefecture)
January 2020th (Sat) -January 1th (Sun), 11
Coach Technical: Masaru Shindo, Takashi Fuse, Kaoru Niida / Alpine: Takuhiro Ima, Koji Yamamoto (planned)
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Test your skills from skill up
"Ishiuchi Maruyama RIDE ON! YONEX CUP"

With so many snowboard makers, few brands support lessons and competitions on a regular basis.However, YONEX has gone through it.Improve your skills at the lesson session and test the results at the competition.Kids with a lot of potential for the future may show more possibilities at the competition.That will be the catalyst for the birth of a new rider."RIDE ON!" Is one of such places.You can test the possibilities in each category of big air, technical and halfpipe.Of course, it is also significant to take on the challenge of enjoying the experience there and gaining new stimuli and connections with friends. Many members of YONEX riders gather at "RIDE ON!" And interact with the participants.You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the riders of the YONEX team.Riders who fly around the world, such as veteran riders and Yuto Totsuka, also rush.

It's fun just to fly a well-maintained kicker, and you can also get a chance to meet new friends and improve your skills (RIDE ON! Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort One-Make Tournament).
Since it is a tournament in which YONEX, who has sent athletes to the Olympic halfpipe event over four tournaments from Turin to Pyeongchang, cooperates, a thick heat battle will be held at the halfpipe (RIDE ON! Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort Half). Pipe tournament)
RIDE ON! Technical Tournament (RIDE ON! Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort Technical Tournament) has a valuable meaning as a tournament where you can test your skills most easily even if you can't do difficult tricks.
Players from all over the country gather at "Ishiuchi Maruyama RIDE ON! YONEX CUP".It has become a popular event where you can test your skills to your heart's content.

Product development, sales, rider activity, lessons, competitions
By connecting everything and continuing it
YONEX snowboards have continued to move forward strongly

Since the start of YONEX snowboarding, YONEX has made steady progress as a snowboard brand, including product development and sales that make full use of superior technology, as well as rider training, active support, lessons for users, and sponsorship of competitions. I went to.Good quality products are born because of strong desire for popularization and development and excellent technology.At the same time, it can be said that various opportunities to grow the YONEX brand itself have been created by connecting with general users all over the country at the opportunity of lessons and competitions in each region.
Of course, lessons will be held this season as well, and "RIDE ON! YONEX CUP", which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this time, is scheduled to be held.Why don't you come and find a more enjoyable snowboarding life with the inspiration of YONEX riders?

Last season, Yuto Totsuka, who showed great performance such as 2nd place on the X Games HP and 2nd place in the World Cup, and Sena Tomita, who has won XNUMXnd place in the World Cup, rushed to RIDE ON !.RIDE ON! Is a valuable opportunity to get in touch with such world-class riders.Why don't you join us this season (RIDE ON! Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort Halfpipe Tournament)

20th Ishiuchi Maruyama RIDE ON! YONEX CUP schedule

January 2020, 1 (Sun) Technical Tournament Guest Rider: Masaru Shindo / Takashi Fuse / Yosuke Maruyama
Sunday, March 2020, 3 Big Air Tournament Guest Riders: Ryo Aizawa / Mao Aizawa / Rikuto Watanabe / Mitsuru Yoshizawa
March 2020, 3 (Sun) Halfpipe Tournament Guest Riders: Yuto Totsuka / Sena Tomita / Sena Tomita / Ruka Hirano / Yorio Kuchizuka