Yoga poses to improve balance and concentration

Yoga is off training for my season!

In particular, I feel that yoga done at the beach is even more effective than yoga done indoors.

This tree's Bose (Wurkusha Asana) is a pose that enhances balance and concentration, so it is recommended for snowboarders!


Open your legs about the width of your hips and put your hands on your hips.The base of the thumb, the base of the little finger, the heel3Be aware that the center of gravity is evenly placed on the points.

Toe10Lift the book once, spread it all out, open the space between your fingers, and attach it to the mat.

Place the sole of your right foot on your left calf and press it against each other.Bend your knees slightly on your left leg.

(To prevent knee overextension and to make it easier to balance)

If you feel that you can take on more challenges in a stable manner, gradually move your bent legs upward.

If possible, chorus both hands in front of your chest,

Lift both hands overhead while inhaling.

Exhale and relax your shoulders.

I keep looking at one point in front of me that doesn't move.(Increases concentration and makes it easier to balance)

Slowly take a deep nasal breath30Go around, inhale and return your hands to the front of your chest, exhale, release your hands and feet, and sway your whole body to relieve tension.Do the other side too.


Please try it!


I'm looking forward to the season soon ٩ (ˊᗜˋ *) و