XNUMX minute after getting off the interchange, is it a roadside station with a skate park?

There seems to be a roadside station in Ibaraki prefecture where you can skateboard


XNUMX minute from the Goka Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway

There is such a skate park near the roadside station!

(It's not just skate parks! ... watch the video ~)

Popo's shop sells things that everyone wants at a price that everyone wants.

Like Rider Kata's younger brother Eta

Even though he was an elementary school student, he showed a wonderful line by arranging tricks that he is good at in the park with an accurate make-up rate.


A young ace rider like a signboard

I decided to do this trick right away, so it was great to shoot even though it was a short shoot!

When you're in high school after taking the exam, take a picture again!

Go is a genuine side-riding strike that was also a snow rider at a famous professional shop in the past!A long-time veteran skater who has a long relationship with Popo!I am also indebted to you!


With Joe Taro, the brother of the great freestyler brothers I met at this park on that day

Younger brother Shotaro!He made up and showed me technical tricks such as plastic model slides and impossibles without difficulty!Thank you ~ (^^)

When I was about to go home after shooting, Snow, who happened to come from my hometown of Utsunomiya, was also a professional rider.

Encounter with Saito "Dekatomo" Tomomitsu!He showed his technician's first appearance as usual!

Looking at the super technicians that are hard to imagine from a big body, I remember Mark Johnson, Brian Anderson, Art Sari and other skaters who seem to be big but can move super technically.

I was able to have a session with Arai who resumed skateboarding for the first time in XNUMX years and went to like!

Career and age don't matter!Skateboarding is where everyone can find their own enjoyment!It's the best (^^)

You can enjoy such a beautiful road surface, smooth sections, wide flats, and a park that everyone can enjoy for free.

You can also play slacklining and basketball

You can eat and buy vegetables at the adjacent roadside station.

Street Sports Park Goka

Check when you pass nearby ~