World Rookie

Since it is a blog, I write it as I like.Lol

world rookie I failed the qualifying.

I won the championship last year, it was a tournament that I could win, it was a tournament that I had to win, and it was a tournament that I took for granted.

Even so, I failed to qualify.


I wonder what I'm doing, I can't lose in this place.

Really pathetic and embarrassing.

Maybe I was looking sweet somewhere, or maybe I was biting a margin.

I didn't challenge the tournament as I did at the Air + Style and World Cup.

It may have been looking good somewhere.

Always so.It may look good so that it looks even a little better.

What is it looking good on?

Even though I'm not good at it.It looks great and is pathetic.

It's embarrassing.

I have to grow more as a person.


I was wondering.

That's true, and there's nothing wrong with it.

But how happy it is to be able to snowboard like this.

What's more, how wonderful this situation is, which seems frustrating.

An environment where you can freely snowboard, feel frustrated, and practice that frustration as a spring

There is something very, very, very, happy.

There is a maker who snowboards and supports me, and there is a KINGS group and Snowver Hashima who give me a practice environment even in the off-season, so I can prepare an environment where I can practice without stress.I might not have known how wonderful this environment is now.

Is what you take for granted really what you take for granted?

Isn't it something special or something we should be grateful for?

I would like to check each one from now on.

With that in mind, even though we have a blessed environment now, we can't linger with just one defeat like this.I don't have time to stop.I need more practice.

If you have time to be depressed, practice.

There is an environment where you can practice!

The scenery that can't be seen now.The scenery that I couldn't see this year.

I don't know when it will be, but I want to show it to myself.

There is always something amazing waiting for you.

"I'll show you the scenery I've never seen".Lol

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