Heavy-duty model that works even with powder snow in the midwinter


Rip Curl was founded in 1969 by two surfers, Bryan Singer and Doug Warbrick, in Tokei, Australia, famous for Bells Beach.
From that time on, they enjoyed skiing in the winter and participated in snow mountain patrols.
For them, the sea and the mountains were the same.The important thing was "how to enjoy it at that time," and "Rip Curl" continued to be a brand that supplies the cutting-edge products necessary for that purpose.
That feeling, of course, hasn't changed.

The "Core Search Gum" introduced here is a board jacket made by laminating a heather-like material, which is well-established in Rip Curl board shorts, with a 20-way stretch material.Waterproof and breathable 20K / XNUMXK, the strongly integrated fabric has high mobility, heat retention and durability, and works well even in hard conditions.
Waterproof ZIP is used for all fronts and pockets.The zip around the neck is an adjuster that adjusts the size around the neck, and at the same time it also functions as ventilation.
It is a heavy-duty model filled with their desire to "pursue fun at all times."

Size: M / L
Color: BEG / RED
Price: ¥ 36,000