Winter の花火

Colorado these days is very warm and springy.

I like the cold of spring.

Fireworks were rising in the lake near the place where I didn't come ★

I'm lucky to see fireworks at this time of year ☻


We live in a motel in the city of Frisco ☻

Make friends with the motel uncle
In poor English
Make it cheap ♥ ︎?Please
I got it very cheap ^ ^

The woman's privilege w lol

At the bus stop in front of the motel

Copper Mountain
It is very convenient because there are free trains to the three ski resorts.

Because we have the Keystone and Brickenridge season passes
I go back and forth between the two ^ ^




In the immediate vicinity of the motel
There is a cute ice cream shop,

Julian, who became a friend of mine a long time ago, worked for me

Makes homemade ice cream in a large ♥ ︎



While the day before yesterday Erica was telling the trampoline
In secret

Yuka Fujimori

To Erica's white helmet with magic
I scribbled.

Beyond the quality of graffiti, you were able to write surprisingly well.

Instead of getting angry, Erica was happy to add herself w lol



Frisco is a beautiful and very nice city ♥ ︎