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White World Oze Iwakura Review
Date: Weekdays in late January / Weather: Sunny / Snow quality: Fresh snowfall
Oze Iwakura was a slope that I had been interested in for a long time. I heard that there is a gondola, so I could imagine that the area where I could slide on its own was vast, but When I actually slipped, I couldn't let go of the course map.I always check where I am and slide.There were people wearing skis on the course, so after all The compressed snow is beautiful It was very slippery. And The width of the course is extremely wide ..It's so wide that you can't carve from end to end.If you go up to the top, the course is gentle on the ridge, and the slope that descends to the foot is sloped, so there are many courses for intermediate and advanced users. The lower part is very gentle and you can enjoy comfortable carving ..With such a vast slope, the number of visitors is wide.The resort slope has a depth of bosom that can satisfy all of its customers.

And the wall terrain that is worrisome in terms of slopes, the upper part of the milky way course is an open barn, and the lower part has walls on both sides.The beech tree course has a wall on the back side.The National Athletic Meet Women's Course is open on steep slopes and has walls on the left and right.This is quite a steep slope, so it is difficult to use.

A ski resort with interesting carving, some courses with walls It was a big resort ski resort in the field.If you have a chance, please come!

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