Which hip protector best suits your needs?_ ARK HIP PROTECTOR LINE-UP

There's no need to give up on challenges just because it hurts if you make a mistake in practice.

I'm sure everyone wants to get better at snowboarding.However, mastering higher-level techniques requires repeated "trial and error."And if you make a mistake, you will suffer considerable damage to your body, even on snow.
There may be some people who hate practicing because they think, ``If I make a mistake, it hurts!'' and even though they want to improve, they end up giving up and thinking, ``I'm fine with what I'm doing now.''
If you are such a person, please try wearing a protector and try practicing.
The extent of the damage will vary greatly depending on whether you are wearing it or not.
By covering and supporting your butt firmly with a protector even when you rest on the snow, you can even make a difference in how cold you feel when riding the lift.
Protectors are the perfect item to enjoy snowboarding even more, so there's no reason not to use them.

ARK protector used by many professional riders

As you can see from the rider list in the FREERUN catalog issue currently on sale, ARK's protectors are used by many professionals, and are highly reliable due to their excellent functionality.
The reason for this is that each series is carefully crafted to suit your needs.
High-quality pads do not get hard even in extremely cold weather.Precise stitching is used to prevent the pad from slipping even during the intense movements of snowboarders.The materials used are carefully selected to prevent the interior from getting stuffy and uncomfortable even during intense movements.
Furthermore, the long hip protector uses wide knee pads that wrap around the knee and provide full protection to the sides of the knee.
The ARK protector has continued to evolve based on feedback from many professional riders, and it can be said that it has reached a very high level of perfection among the many protector brands.
In fact, there are many riders who are not contract riders who say, ``I've been buying and using it myself for some time,'' and it can be said that such anecdotes prove the high quality of ARK.

Choose a protector depending on how much support you need and your riding style.

ARK Protector's hip protectors currently have a total of five types in S, including the new MSL this season.

As the strongest premium model in ARK history, it uses special pads from Germany's SAS-TEC company.This material exhibits excellent protection performance that exceeds the standard value for motorcycle protector materials by more than 50%.When a strong force is applied, the pad instantly hardens, reducing the impact.It is characterized by its lightness, which is 1/4 the weight of a hard shell, so it can be adapted to a wide range of uses without sacrificing maneuverability.This is a recommended protector for those trying out hard riding.
A high-grade model of ARK that is often used by riders.The pad placed in the center of the buttocks has a 2-layer structure consisting of specially molded two types of EVAFOAM with different hardness, PF-01FOAM, and 3D AIR MESH.The placement of the pads and the way they stay in place are perfect, giving you an overwhelming sense of security.
A new model that is attracting attention this season.The pad composition is the same as the MS series, but the hardness of the pads on both buttocks has been made softer to improve comfort and athletic performance. It has performance between the MS and LS series, and is recommended for those who require defensive power but also want ease of movement during intense action.
The padding in the butt area uses a layered structure of medium-hard EVA-FORM, PF-01FORM, and 3D AIR MESH.Special foam is used on the outside to reduce external impact.The foam is flexible enough that it fits your body and is comfortable to wear.A model that meets a wide range of needs.
A model developed by ARK for guratori. PF-01FORM+3D AIR MESH dual-layer structure and external pad specifications make it lightweight and easy to move.Adopts a structure that prevents gaps between pads, providing high protection performance.A slim protector that can be worn with pants that have a slim silhouette.If you wear this, you can reduce the risk even if you get slammed into a hard slope during a grator.

ARK's hip protector long uses WIDE KNEE PAD that wraps around and protects the knee area.It covers the knee without slipping and protects the bones on both sides of the knee.

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