Finally open on Saturday, December 12th !! What is the reborn Palcall Tsumagoi Resort?

"Newborn Palcall Tsumagoi" has achieved a major renewal declaration.Connecting Karuizawa and KusatsuLocated in Tsumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture, at the middle point, the peak of the mountain is2,100mAnd on the clouds, even on the base1,500mAt the height of the altitude, the rate of fine weather is80%Exceed.The most hidden potentialIn order to exert it to the maximum extent, artificial snowfall is strengthened, and the entire area is artificial snowfall without knowing light snow.
This season12From the moon5Of the moon150Scheduled to be open daily.Further fascinating for snowboarders one after anotherA powerful project announced.I want you to experience the new stimulus for yourself.

magic bahn
Always in the best condition with Magic Burn

The Palcall Tsumagoi Ski Resort, which boasts a clear sky rate of 80%, keeps its condition by operating the snowmaking machine at full capacity throughout the season.In addition to the length of the season, you can always glide on a perfect burn with the technology of the "compression team" who has dry and moderately tight snow quality and skill. The large part of all 24 courses extending from the top to the base is very slippery and is exactly "Magic Burn".It casts magic as if the snowboard had improved.
* The sunrise gondola "Early Morning Gondola", which was popular last year, will be held again this year.Let's experience the wonderful magic burn in the morning.

Magic terrain park
Japan's largest magic park is here

We propose "slopestyle", which is also recognized in the Olympic Games, for all age groups and all levels.From top riders who participate in the Olympics and international competitions to kids who snowboard for the first time, you can feel the joy of skiing at one of the largest magic parks in Japan.Regarding the creation, a new park crew was formed to create the most innovative and most evolved park in Asia.
With Ryo Aizawa, a professional snowboarder representing Japan and an active global rider of "Monster Energy" and "DC SHOE", as a producer, a completely new park that has never existed in the past has appeared.
In addition, the royal road park for skill improvement is a professional rider, and Nobuo Otake, who is also active as a park producer, is in charge. The 24-hour park is also open, making it one of the largest parks in Japan.

Ride with Pro
Sliding with a professional rider, there is a new discovery

Whenever I come to Palcall Tsumagoi, there are people who slip with me.Snowboarding is a companion sport.Great time to share."Ride with Pro" begins with such a story.A service that is neither a school nor a camp has appeared, with various "professionals" as guests, from famous professional riders to snow-based Youtubers who continue to distribute numerous videos to the god of HOW TO. "If you slide with a good person, you'll get a lot of tension, right? And there are a lot of things you've noticed. As a result, snowboarding should be more fun," said Ishiuchi, producer of Ride with Pro and marketing manager of Palcall Tsumagoi.The schedule for the first half of the season has already been posted on the website, and a great number of members are listed.

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Palcall Tsumagoi Resort
Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture Oaza Hoshimata Baragi Plateau
TEL: 0279-96-1177