Verification report "Riding for the first time in 25 years" in Alts Bandai

img_3300Each ski resort has been suffering from a lack of snow due to the feeling of being betrayed by the expectations of heavy snow at the beginning, but it seems that it will finally be possible to enjoy it in the cold weather this week.Under such circumstances, it is said that Alts Bandai will finally start full-scale operation from these three consecutive holidays. FREERUN We received a snow letter from Alts from Mr. Ishiuchi of Alts Bandai, who is active in this magazine, so even if it is in the middle of the February issue, we will go to the mountains. I can't help it.We rushed to Nekoma for a meeting of "Nekoma POW WOW" to be held at Nekoma Ski Resort on the 3st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun) of this month.
That's why I went to Alts Bandai. On the last day of the three consecutive holidays, I arrived at Alz from Bandai-Atami on the way while it was snowing with chains due to chain restrictions. According to CAP, "Yesterday was a big crowd for Alz," and everyone seemed to be looking forward to a good snow run.When I hear such a story, I'm afraid.The third day was the last day of the consecutive holidays, and probably because it was raining around Koriyama, it seems that I can slip with plenty of room for the holiday Alz.On a day like this, you can take as many lines as you like and enjoy yourself.If everyone checks the slope information better and learns the technique to enjoy in good conditions, it will be more fun to snowboard, so in the next FREERUN column, CAP said, "Snow that can predict the weather. "Hit !!" The technique is taught, so please check it out!

Actually, this time there was another mission to "slide a person who calls himself riding for the first time in 25 years".From last fall, our free run started publishing the windsurfing magazine "Windsurfin Magazine" as a separate volume of FREERUN.The editor-in-chief, Mr. O, spent 90 years without slipping after experiencing snowboarding in the early 25's, which was once called the snowboard bubble.This time we invited him to the snowy mountain, although it seems a bit forcible, because he became a free-run family.
Although he told CAP that it was the first time in 25 years, Mr. O was surprised at the speed of development, "Then, gondola, do you want to go?" It seems that I was relieved when I explained. It's been 25 years since then, but it seems that the anxiety I experienced when getting on and off the lift when I was a beginner was revived for some reason.
It's been 25 years since then, and it's completely gone from my memory because of how to attach the binding.I lost my memory until I used the ratchet.
It started with a side slip, and although it was a fluttering start, CAP's advice, which was packed with various experiences and ideas at school, completely reminded me of consecutive turns in the second half of one gondola. is.What impresses me is the words of salvation for failure.The advice that does not lower the motivation of the other party is as expected.So, for the first time in 1 years, if you have good advice, you can regain your senses in a day.
Mr. O used to slip as much as he used to, so it was clear that one day's practice made him much more slippery than a beginner.

I used to have a friend who slipped a lot.How about inviting such a person?After all, unlike the old days, the equipment is easy to use, and the course is different from the old days, so you can slide with plenty of time.Once you restart, you may be addicted to it and accompany you every week.After all it is fun to slide with friends.As with "Alts Friends" proposed by Alz this season, snowboarding with friends is more fun than just skiing.

That's why I'll be waiting for you at Nekoma Ski Resort next weekend with "Nekoma POW WOW" and a special powder snow.
by HI