Vacuum snowboards, etc., suitable for jibs and grateries, etc. Shoki

True sky snow board, etc.
Zhong Kui
▷Size: 150, 152cm
▷Color: white, black
▷Price: ¥63,800 (tax included)

The Shoki, which has a low camber structure with a soft flex, is especially recommended for snowboarders who love guratori.The reason for this is its lightness and ease of handling.In order to achieve this, we focused on the thickness of the core material and the shape of the nose and tail, and placed V-shaped carbon ribbons on the nose and tail on the sole sheet side. The know-how of making is packed tightly.As a result, the finish makes it possible not only for tall ollies, but also for sticky presses!In addition, it is the only side wall that uses "TPU SIDE WALL" in the board lineup such as Shinku Yukiita, making it easy to take advantage of the natural flex of the board and at the same time improving the durability of the edge. do not have.In addition, there are two types of flex (white is soft, black is very soft) in the same length, so please choose according to your preference.If you want to improve your jib and guratori, Shoki is your choice.

The entire board has a camber structure, but its camber value is set low.Thanks to its low camber, the board is easy to bend even with a little force and the operability is very good.It is a structure that has both quick movement and delicate operability that are indispensable for gratri and jib.
The inside of Shoki's board has such a structure

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