Urgent recruitment! !! (Departing August 8th) Snowboarding A trip to NZ Queenstown Snowboarding at the height of the season with top riders!There is also a chance for helicopter boarding.A veteran coordinator will be with you so there is no inconvenience!

NZ use photo
Yes!My name is Jerry and I live in NZ.
Every year, we receive consultations on photography trips from top snowboard manufacturers.
This year as well, we will be holding a shooting trip for autumn and winter with top riders.
The project was planned with the idea that "Let's join the general public!"

The name of the top rider is Masanori Takeuchi. (BURTON affiliation) A legendary border that does not require explanation to fans.
He has been active as a player in Japan and the United States since the latter half of the XNUMXs, and is now traveling around the world as a test rider of a top manufacturer.

The chance to participate in the test tour has come this time!
The schedule is too urgent because of that, but we are looking for an urgent recruitment.
Would you like to experience a snowboard trip with the best riders and photographers? !!


* Due to problems such as airplane seats and hotel availability, we will receive inquiries from everyone and make reservations while checking availability.
* Please note that a cancellation fee (described later) will be charged as soon as the reservation is completed.
[Itinerary] August 19th (Wednesday) -August 25th (Tuesday)

<August 19th (Wednesday) Day 1>
Scheduled for QF2055 flight departing from Narita Airport at 62.

<August 20th (Thursday) XNUMXnd day>
Arrive in Queenstown at 862 after connecting to Brisbane (NZ1440)
Hotel check-in in the evening.
A taxi to and from the hotel is included in the price.

<August 21st (Friday) -August 8rd (Sunday) 23rd-3th days>
At multiple ski resorts around Queenstown
Enjoy snowboarding to your heart's content!
Let's plan freely with Mr. Takeuchi, myself, and everyone.
We will prepare a private bus for all transportation.
Depending on the weather, helicopter skiing will be available if you wish!
(Additional local charge: Approximately XNUMX yen) (The lift price will also be settled locally)

<24th day of Monday, August XNUMX>
Scheduled to fly NZ1305 at 831 from Queenstown Airport.
Overnight after transit (QF25 flight) in Sydney

<25th day of Tuesday, August 7>
0530 o'clock Arrive at Haneda Airport
* Note: Departure is at Narita Airport, but arrival is at Haneda Airport!
▼ Travel price
● Qantas / NZ Airlines (all economy class)
In the case of a popular local hotel (2 room for XNUMX people) (charge for XNUMX person)
・ Airfare
(Airfare, airport taxes, fuel surcharge, air insurance, baggage up to XNUMXkg
Includes air ticket arrangement fee and ticketing fee)
(Pre-seat reservation fee, in-flight service, tip for each area, travel procedure related expenses, local expenses, excess baggage fee are not included)
・ Accommodation / coordination fee
(Including various interpreters, advice, etc.)
(Local food and drink expenses, optional tours, etc. are not included)

Total: 537,500 yen

▼ Airline used
Qantas / NZ Airlines (all economy class)

▼ Accommodation hotel
The hotel will be the popular local hotel "The Rees Hotel".
* If there is no vacancy, it will be another hotel of the same level.
(In the case of 2 people per room)

▼ Minimum number of participants
15 people (up to XNUMX people)

▼ Payment information
Please fill out the form for payment information
We will send it to your email address at a later date.
Please follow the instructions for payment and other procedures.

Be sure to take out overseas travel insurance in case of an accident.

▼ Form deadline
Wednesday, August 2015, 8 noon
This is the first deadline.
After that, you can participate depending on the availability of reservations such as air and accommodation.
Please contact us as the final deadline is as follows.
Wednesday, August 2015, 8 noon
* Itineraries, order of visits, and sightseeing details may be changed or canceled depending on the weather and local circumstances.
あ ら か じ め ご ご 了 承 下。

▼ Travel planning and implementation (Japan Tourism Agency registered travel agency No. 1757)
Web Travel Co., Ltd. (JATA, Japan Association of Travel Agents regular member)
107-0062-5 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 4-30 Japan
General travel business handling manager Kazuhiko Kotaki
See below for detailed travel conditions
* Questions etc. are accepted on trippiece.