The best snow-packed carving / Northern Arc Resort in the unknown “land northeast of Hokkaido”

I went to a ski resort in "Kitami City" located in the northeast of Hokkaido.

I visited this time“Northern Arc Resort”..There is not much snow here Not many areas, but cold land.In such a place I have been sloped the snow quality with a professional rider.It was Rider of MOSS who participated “Teppei Hirota” 
The ski resort has 1 lift and 4 courses.

It was very cold this morning, so I was a little worried that the snow quality would be crunchy.
Tentatively"Piccolo course"Slip The snow was in a pleasant condition to bite the edge.  
"Piccolo course"The first half is a scenic course with varying slopes
The second half is a fairly wide gentle slope.
Next can be said to be the main slope of this ski resort"Horn course"..The width is wide, so it makes a big turn.
In the latter half of the course, it changes to a gentle slope with swelling.There is also a snow park, and it was the latter half of the course that you can enjoy it if you can identify the course swell.
"Clarinet course"Is the atmosphere of the forest.Unlike other courses, this is a gentle slope in the first half.I was able to turn with a pleasant rhythm.
The last is a gentle slope with swell. 
“Northern Arc Resort”Is the first half and middle part where you slide at high speed, and the gentle slope with swell in the second half.A ski resort where you can play with speed changes and board handling.I couldn't slip on the non-compacted snow-like viola course this time, so I would like to visit again when it's powder. 

If you have a chance, please come.