Innovative free riding board to unexperienced zone "NEVER SUMMER / WOMEN'S HARPOON, TRIPLE CAMBER PROTO FR"

SIZE: 144, 148
PRICE: ¥ 93,500

SIZE: 156, 160, 164, 157X, 161X, 165X (X is a wide version)
PRICE: ¥ 101,200

Based in Denver, Colorado, USA, the snowboard company "NEVER SUMMER" has a history of more than 30 years.Along with carefully selecting excellent materials, we have fully introduced a board concept rich in originality.High-performance boards produced using the handcraft manufacturing method at our own factory continue to receive tremendous trust from snowboarders who demand high-level sliding around the world.

The biggest feature of the NEVER SUMMER board is the rocker camber (RC) technology that has evolved to produce the optimum performance for various scenes.In addition to creating a number of attractive boards that bring out the possibilities of endless tricks in freestyle such as parks and gratri, free riding greatly improves rideability and comfort, and pushes the limits of rider's control technology. It has appeared.It is easy to think that rocker camber has a strong image of rocker, but the stability during gliding is based on camber, and a shape that is skillfully balanced with rocker has been developed to create ease of riding and buoyancy. ..Furthermore, by making full use of good quality materials and manufacturing methods, the board is sufficiently lightweight.Its nimble control balance and stability that you can feel as soon as you slide down the slope will be of great help to the average snowboarder.NEVER SUMMER's high-performance board will guide the earnest desires of snowboarders who want to slide more easily and improve.

"HARPOON" is a powder-based free riding board that has been newly added to the lineup last year and has received tremendous attention.The long-awaited WOMEN'S version "WOMEN'S HARPOON" will also be released this season.A characteristic outline created based on the FUSION rocker shape with a rocker in the center and a camber at the feet to bring out sufficient buoyancy with a long nose.Cruising the powder comfortably and carving the snow-packed burn smoothly.Matching with Japanese snowy mountains is also the best.It can be said that it is a board that symbolizes the excellent gliding performance of the latest NEVER SUMMER.

Furthermore, the innovative free riding board that makes full use of the latest technology is "TRIPLE CAMBER PROTO FR".As the name suggests, it has a triple camber shape.By making the outside of each stance, the center part and everything camber-shaped, four contact points are created, improving edge hold and stability.Demonstrates operability that flexibly responds to all slope changes.In addition, pop power that draws out sufficient ollie power, triple camber + sophisticated shape creates sufficient flotation, and excellent control performance in powder snow.Carve a snow-packed burn, play the terrain stylishly, find gaps and jump.While enjoying the floating feeling with powder, you can enjoy the real thrill of the turn by slashing vigorously.

NEVER SUMMER's new board, which is highly evaluated for free riding worldwide.A new type of board that fuses the elements of free riding at a high level will surely give you the best riding experience.


FUSION RC shape with rocker between stances and a little camber at the feet.There is a long flat area in the nose part, which creates flotation, and in the tail part, it accelerates the turn with a strong repulsive force (WOMEN'S HARPOON)

Nose with sufficient length and width, sufficient buoyancy and easy cruising even with deep powder (WOMEN'S HARPOON)

The flat area is slightly longer in front of the camber part of the nose part, which enables smooth handling. Three camber sections improve adaptive performance in a wide range of conditions and applications (TRIPLE CAMBER PROTO FR)

Three cambers are set, one on the nose side and one on the tail side from the feet, and the camber between the stances is set, and the snow surface is firmly captured around the four contact points on the edge (TRIPLE CAMBER PROTO FR).

The nose adopts an outline that keeps wide to the tip to generate sufficient buoyancy in powder riding (TRIPLE CAMBER PROTO FR)

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