Two new models "HEX, ROTECK" that are the topic of this season appearing from ELECTRIC

ROTECK (left)
FRAME COLOR: STATIC BLACK (7 colors in total)
PRICE: ¥ 37,400
*Contrast lens: ¥28,600, LURKING CLASS COLLAB: ¥31,900

HEX (right)
FRAME COLOR: MATTE BLACK (8 colors in total)
PRICE: ¥ 19,800

Two new models will appear from ELECTRIC this season.One is ROTECK, which newly reigns at the top of ELECTRIC snow goggles.This model uses ELECTRIC's "TUNED LENS", which has evolved. It works by removing certain fatiguing colors from the wavelengths of light.Thanks to that, the topography that appears one after another while sliding and the snow surface conditions that change from moment to moment can be seen more clearly and clearly.

In addition, since the lens is molded into a frame shape using a mold-injected manufacturing method, there is no distortion in the field of view and the lens itself is highly transparent.By the way, this model is the only model that has a photochromic lens lineup.Furthermore, a certain ingenuity has been applied to the frame.That is the outrigger installed between the frame and the strap.If the strap is attached directly to the frame, the frame will be slightly distorted when wearing the goggles.Then the lens will be distorted, but the outriggers will prevent it.In addition, since there is no side frame due to outriggers, one of the features is that the lateral field of view is quite wide.The area is said to be the largest in the history of ELECTRIC.

The frame is made of TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane), a material that does not harden even at low temperatures. It fits any face.In addition, the foam has a three-layer structure using two types of sponges with different hardness, which softens the impact when falling, and one layer of sponge is added to the nose part, making it a Japan fit specification.

On the other hand, the other model is HEX, which has excellent cost performance.Although it is reasonably priced, it follows the goggle design that ELECTRIC has released so far, and by adopting a slightly thicker frame, it has a retro atmosphere that best matches the current trend of the 90s.It is truly a new model with an attractive neo-classical appearance.

Of course, it is not just about the appearance, but the lens and other functions must be high-performance, such as heat-molded sheet lenses that provide distortion-free vision, high-performance anti-fog processing, and scratch-resistant hard coating. Needless to say.

These two new models have been attracting a lot of attention at snowboard shops nationwide even before their release.It should be a must-buy item this season.

ROTECK's face foam adopts a 3-layer structure with different hardness and materials.This leads to a comfortable fit.
ROTECK has an outrigger that connects the frame and the strap, preventing distortion of the frame and lens when worn and providing a wide field of vision.
ROTECK and HEX with 3 lens ventilations.The reason why the lens itself has ventilation is to prevent fogging between the lenses.
Both ROTECK and HEX have LURKING CLASS COLLAB models. Japan lens is adopted for HEX, and it becomes a buckle strap specification.


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