Twin chip board Senpuu that can be played all-rounder than Shinku snow board

True sky snow board, etc.

▷Size: 147, 149, 152, 154cm
▷Color: white, black
▷Price: ¥63,800 (tax included)

The board center is rocker, and the “Senpu” has a double camber structure with camber under both feet.The core material uses poplar and bamboo that produce high repulsion even in a flexible flex.A V-shaped carbon ribbon is placed on the nose and tail.As a result, he succeeded in combining resilience and tenacity that are easy to play in freestyle.Also, thanks to the rocker at the board center, the nose naturally floats on fresh snow without too much weight on the hind legs.That's right, the appeal of Senpu is that it offers all-around fun, from powder to parks.By the way, even with the same length, different flex patterns are available depending on the graphic.White is soft to mid-flex, black is soft.Let's select according to your taste and style.

Reasons why it is easy to play all round
The center part of the board is a rocker, and a double camber structure with camber under both feet is adopted.In addition, two bamboo materials add suppleness from the nose to the tail, and a V-shaped carbon material on the nose and tail leads to the stickiness of the board at the time of ollie, nory, and turn.
The inside of Senpu's board is structured like this

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