High-performance free riding board "LADY FR" with triple camber for female riders _NEVER SUMMER

With an edge grip that flexibly fits the variety of slopes
Free control of the turn

SOLE will be released with the design on the lower left


Size: 144, 147, 151, 153, 156
Price: ¥ 93,500 (tax included)

LADY FR was created based on LADY WEST, which has gained popularity as a female model of NEVER SUMMER by introducing the innovative triple camber concept that was newly introduced with "PROTO FR" this season.Equipped with a new shape called "TRIPLE CAMBER FUSION" that is further tuned for women, it has a flex that grips carving firmly even at high speeds, but it has suppleness that is easy for women to handle, and a WooBoo (wood and bamboo) core Introduced and finished in a light and easy-to-use board.Even powder creates enough buoyancy and fits flexibly on any slope for a smooth turn.A board with stability and ease of use that enhances the rider's own gliding level.The graphic design of the beautiful board is also likely to attract attention.

New shape "TRIPLE CAMBER FUSION" that grips the edge with 4 fulcrums and fits flexibly on all slopes
Nose part that demonstrates sufficient flotation even with powder
A directional shape that can bring out the speed and sharpness of the turn with the flex for women with the WooBoo (wood and bamboo) core.

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