Popular board used by Travis Rice, ORCA series "T.RICE ORCA" "T.RICE APEX ORCA" "T.RICE GOLDEN ORCA" _LIB TECHNOLOGIES

Flexible response to changes in slopes
Freely control quick turns with the whale tail

Size: 138, 144, 147, 150, 153, 156, 159, 162cm
Price: ¥ 121,000 (tax included)

Size: 153, 156, 159cm
Price: ¥ 206,800 (tax included)

Size: 150, 153, 157, 161cm
Price: ¥ 137,500 (tax included)

T.RICE ORCA, which boasts explosive popularity all over the world, is an all-mountain board that you can enjoy carving in grooming burn as well as powder.It is gaining popularity because it can move freely in the powder and accurately carve tight lines, but the secret is that it has a HYBRID C2X structure that makes it easy to get buoyancy in fresh snow, and also has a magnetic traction edge. By doing so, it is possible to firmly control carving on an icy burn.Another appealing point is that the short, kicked whale tail allows for quick maneuvering even on tree runs and tight terrain.
The model that evolved based on that ORCA is the mountain freestyle board T.RICE GOLDEN ORCA.The newly developed power kink tail enables powerful riding even in a hard-packed burn.
Furthermore, the highest peak model in the series is T.RICE APEX ORCA, which can be said to be the ultimate ORCA that has become an ultra-lightweight and tough board by mounting a carbon technology structure on the core material that combines paulownia and balsa. ..
The series has expanded the range of choices, and you can choose the best board for yourself.

Characteristic board structure adds comfort
By adopting the HYBRID C2X structure, which is a rocker with camber under both feet, the board center achieves both high buoyancy with powder by the rocker and stability and sharpness by the camber.In addition, the short tail with a raised kick provides a higher level of board control performance even in places with dense trees such as snowy mountains in Japan.Top is ORCA, middle is APEX ORCA, bottom is GOLDEN ORCA
The familiar whale tail with a short kick.Manipulate quick turns at will.The photo is ORCA
HYBRID C2X structure that makes it easy to obtain buoyancy in fresh snow.The photo is APEX ORCA
A magnetic traction edge that firmly captures the edge even with an icy burn.The photo is GOLDEN ORCA

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