Toyama Kings representative.

It's been a long time since I last blogged.Excuse me!
The job has been decided.
It was already decided by the electric shock speed.

Yes, as the title saysI will be appointed as the representative of Toyama Kings.
I talked with the owner of Toyama Kings and signed a business consignment contract as a representative, not as an employee.


Background XNUMX

This is Toyama Kings.

Background 2


Let me briefly introduce you.
Toyama Kings is a snowboarding and freeski jumping practice facility at the foot of Tateyama.
It is one of the KINGS GROUP facilities scattered all over the country.

The snowboarders who practiced at KINGS are the cornerstone of the technology of many top professional snowboarders, including the world's top rider Yuki Kadono.

In addition, it is a facility that is loved by many snowboarders from beginners to advanced players because it is a facility where you can practice jumping extremely safely.


Features of Toyama KINGS

Toyama Kings is a 30-40 minute drive from downtown Toyama, but it's a refreshing feeling to be able to jump in the magnificent nature of Tateyama.

The rest area, reception, etc. were originally a center house on the slopes, so it is very relaxing, and all the toilets are flush / warm water washing toilet seats.And it is fully equipped with a shower room.

There are three types of jumping platforms, large, medium and small, and there are trampolines and slack lines, so you can make BBQ in an appropriate empty space.

From the spring of 2015, we will change the small kicker and medium kicker to a shape that makes it easier to fly, increase the feeling of flying more easily, and make it easier to practice.

The big kickerIt will be remodeled into the largest 15m kicker in the off-train facility.Of courseSince the landing point is a mat, the experience of jumping in the 15m class can be done with very low hurdles.Of course, it will be easier for players at the player level to practice world-class tricks that they couldn't practice before.


It will be rebuilt in the spring of April, so please wait for the opening after the renewal (probably in front of GW).


Toyama Prefecture itself is a hot topic now with the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen.I don't know the land, I have few friends, and I'm worried about myself, but the owner said, "Do whatever you want," so I'll hit everything myself and create a facility that will make many people happy. I want to.

I'm still fluttering in various ways, such as taking over from my predecessor, moving, but in the future I will continue to update the blog and publish information!