The youngest toolatefilm, Kankuro Uehara's street-only season part drop!


toolatefilm The youngest ambush, Kankuro Uehara (Uehara Kankuro).He is a young man in the same Hakodate area as Manato Ishimoto of the same crew.In the season, I was aiming for a full part by balancing the tournament expedition and shooting.Every day I shoot until it's worn out, and when the shooting is over, I'm knocked down with haste.However, I have a strong attachment to make-up.

This season, he also won the "SB.FEST" sponsored by Ryuichi Hekida held in Marunuma.He also enjoys skating in his lifestyle, and his skate-like style is also a feature of him.
He says he wants to hit the gates of urban snowboarding, learn shooting under toolate film little by little, and express something completely different from the current young scenes such as competitions and schools.

"Now, I'm doing it while following everyone's shooting and learning about the camera and movements other than when I'm slipping. The seniors around me and the riders I'm working with are just cool, so I respect them someday. I want to roll it up. I've already rolled up some people (laughs). Snowboarding is cool, so I'd like to pursue and express it firmly, "he said.

Please check out the 14-year-old full part who pursues "coolness".