The double Tokyo premiere of "INK MOVIE" and "STONP OR DIE" will be held on 10/4 (Fri.)!

Kazuhiro Kokubo started to move himself to connect the charm of the movie scene to the next generation riders in Japan, and took a season to shoot with young people, INK MOVIE (@inkmovie).
Then, it restarted with last year's OG cheese, and now Kohei Kudo and Atsushi Hasegawa have joined, and STONP OR DIE (which has even more dangerous things)@stonpordie) NEW MOVIE "HIDANE -Fire-".

The double screening of those super-topic works IN Tokyo has been decided on 10/4 (Friday).

On the day, DAG FORCE (@ dagforce_y0) And Kidd blazz (@kiddblazz) Was the DJ who opened the venue and was in charge of the graphic of the ink logo.@wood_dw) Will also perform live painting.
At the end of the event, it seems that the work completed on that day will be presented to the visitors.

And what a Free beer on the day! !!
Let's watch the latest snowboard movie filled with the passion of riders in a good sound and a good space!It's definitely going to be a season kick-off event.

10 / 4 (gold)
@DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL (3-25-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku)
19:00 ~ 22:00
Entrance: ¥ 2500
guest live: DAG FORCE
Guest DJ: Kidd blazz
Live paint: WOOD

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