Tokyo Snow Festival Snow Bank Pay It Forward 2022 Report! by Itaru Fujinuma (RIDE FOR A SMILE)

Photo: Yoshiro Higai

From November 2022th to 11th, 12, “Tokyo Snow Festival 13 SNOWBANK PAY IT FORWARD” (“Snowbank”) was held at Yoyogi Park Event Square in Tokyo.

Snowbank, which was held for the 12th time this time, was a professional snowboarder Arai "daze" Yoshimasa, who was diagnosed with an intractable blood disease "chronic active EB virus infection" in 2008 and also experienced a bone marrow transplant himself. This is an event that has been held without a break since 2011 to convey the necessity of registering as a blood donation/bone marrow bank donor and the fun of snowboarding!

Itaru Fujinuma has been in charge of MC since the first event.As far as the presence of legendary rider Kunifumi Tsuyuzaki, who not only runs the tournament but also introduces sponsor booths, is reliable. Photo: Yoshiro Higai

The scale of the event has grown year by year, and there is an impression that the number of visitors continues to increase, such as live performances by gorgeous artists and events by athletes. Professional snowboarder Itaru Fujinuma (RIDE FOR A SMILE) reports mainly on the competition!

By the way, I, Itaru Fujinuma's winter companion, comedian Iwa-chan, have posted a video that gives you a good sense of the atmosphere of this event, so please take a look at it as well.

The self-proclaimed entertainment world No. 1 snowboarder comedian “Iwa-chan” appeared in Yoyogi Park on this day as well.

As rumored that there are snowboarders who go to off-training facilities with their sights set on this event every year, as soon as the general participation entry started this time, it seems that there were many players on the waiting list five days later.Looking at the situation, I have the impression that it is a gateway event for upcomers who want to win the first day of the two-day event and join the invited players to improve their skills!

Kids riders made Yoyogi even more exciting with famous riders. Photo: Keita Inamura

It is a snow bank that has the impression that many jib section enthusiasts from all over the country participate. This is an event where all snowboarding enthusiasts who consider contributing to society as a routine will also participate.

XNUMX male riders, XNUMX female riders, and XNUMX kids riders participated in the general qualifying on the first day.Athletes of various age groups gathered at Yoyogi Park from all over the country, including Kanto, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Kansai, and Sanin.

Among the fierce fighters who are full of powerhouses, the players whose names were called at the award ceremony on the first day are as follows.


1st place Daping Saburo(Tokyo)

XNUMXnd Place Horiike Souta (Shizuoka)

XNUMXrd place Ryushin Konno (Hokkaido)

From the left, general men's XNUMXrd place Ryushin Konno, winnerDapingSaburo, Horiike Souta. Photo: Keita Inamura


XNUMXst Place Pea Ayana (Kanagawa Prefecture) Photo: keita Inamura
XNUMXnd place Yu Sato (Hokkaido) Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
XNUMXrd place Tomiyama Ami (Osaka) Photo: keita Inamura

Kids: XNUMXst place Holigome Sora (Kanagawa)

Best Kids Award: Enomoto Yuuto

Skier Enomoto was the most excited skier of the day and showed the best style. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
Kids champion Sora Horigome and Yuto Enomoto, the only skier of the year to win the Best Kids award.The two, who showed off their youthful and light style that doesn't look inferior even when mixed with adults, took a commemorative photo with their shoulders together after the battle. Photo: Keita Inamura

By the way, on this day, the three players who participated as judges were in charge of the next day on the 13th as invited players.

Ryoki Ogawa will be the judge for the general participants on the 12th.千葉Masato, Yoshiaki Akamae Photo: Yoshiro Higai

On Sunday, the 2th, the second day of the event, riders recommended by each sponsor manufacturer and riders invited from Snow Bank appeared.

On the first day of the event, the invited athletes, who had only skated for 35 minutes of public practice, showed off their terrifyingly high-level riding skills as soon as the qualifying started.

Only 10 women advance from the women's qualifying to the final.

A total of 11 players, including 14 women invited players and XNUMX players who won the general women's match on the previous day, competed in the qualifying round.

Among the finalists was Ami Tomiyama, who won the general women's match the day before (passing XNUMXrd on the first day).

Ami Tomiyama, who won from the general qualifying on the first day to the final on the second day Photo: Yoshiro Higai

The women's finalists are:

Sunflower Takamori, Momoka Fujikawa, Miyon, Suzuka Ishimoto, Nina Sakakibara, Tomoyo Oishi, Aoi Takahashi, Haruna Ishihara, Karen Sono, Ami Tomiyama (passed XNUMXrd on the first day)

Invited Athletes Women's Qualifying was held in 20 minutes, while Invited Athletes Men's Qualifying was divided into two groups, A heat and B heat, and each heat had a 30-minute qualifying, and officially 10 finalists. It was a rule to decide.

A total of 18 riders, XNUMX riders in heat A and heat B, competed for the finalist seat, but in heat A, general riders Shuzaburo Otsubo, Souta Horiike, and Konno who won the previous day. Four players appeared, Ryushin and Sora Horigome, the representative of kids.

A total of 30 finalists who won the fierce 14-minute battle in both A and B heats, and each player is as follows.

Matsushita 8931 Daichi, Takashi Tamamura, Ryu Sakuma, Yuto Miyamura, Ryoki Ogawa, Yuto Yamada, Masato Toda, Ryuichi Kabeta, Yuta Watanabe, Hiroto Ogiwara, Shunji Yoneno, Kaito Hamada, Sophie Nagasawa, Shuzaburo Otsubo (XNUMXst place on the first day)

During the event, the moment the audience turned their smartphones into camera mode toward the special slopes, the event's mascot character, "Donketsu-chan," boldly challenges the handrails in the "Ketsukoku-chan Run"!

Blood donation-chan run is getting more aggressive every year... I feel like it. Photo: Keita Inamura
Blood donation-chan good job... (laughs) Photo: keita Inamura

The audience, athletes, and the venue were united by this blood donation run, and the women's final opened when the voltage of Yoyogi Park reached its peak.

A tense women's final began, completely changing from the peaceful mood created by the aggressive blood-donor run.

The 10 female finalists who continued to excite the venue with their riding skills that put the boys to shame from the qualifying round competed for the title of jib queen. .

Mr. Oishi, who won the championship with a sense of stability that was outstanding from the qualifying, participated in this tournament as a recommended rider of SBJ (Snowboard Industry Promotion Association). Photo: Yoshiro Higai

Oishi, who continued riding with a sense of stability from qualifying all the way through, and made the audience scream out loud with his manly tricks such as a clean make-up of the front side board slide on the double down rail in the final, won the seat of this year's jib queen. I got

From the left, XNUMXrd place Momoka Fujikawa, winner Tomoyo Oishi, runner-up Haruna Ishihara, and the organizer daze. Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Tomoyo Oishi Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Winner Tomoyo Oishi Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Ishihara, who has a lot of experience participating in overseas events, sometimes smiled and sometimes with a sharp look, continued to attack the rails and achieved the second place. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
Runner-up Haruna Ishihara Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Fujikawa, who performed a series of brave switch tricks and finished in XNUMXrd place. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
Third place Momoka Fujikawa Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi

Blood Donor and the female finalists heated up the audience surrounding the special slopes to the climax, and finally the 14 male finalists appeared.

From the riders who usually mass-produce footage on the street, to the riders whose big jumps make their name known to the world, to the genuine competitors, to the upcomers who aim to be even better, and to the Japanese national team Olympians, let me tell you from the side of the spectators. If so, the 25-minute men's final was held with a lineup of gorgeous members who are extremely luxurious.

In 2022, Sohi Nagasawa, who participated in this tournament on the recommendation of daze, will be named as the new King of Zivers in this historical event that has been held 12 times so far.

Mr. Nagasawa, who was recommended by daze, fascinated the audience with his stylish and cool riding from beginning to end. Photo: Yoshiro Higai

Switchback side lip slide pretzel 270 on down rail

I won by making a switchback sideboard slide to fakie (a switch-to-switch board slide on a double down rail) with a double down.

Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Winner Nagasawa Sophie Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Tamamura, who was surrounded by loud cheers every time he landed a highly perfected trick, was also a former winner.The ability of Shonan Brush Director is origami. Photo: ZIZO
Runner-up Takashi Tamamura Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Miyamura, who competed as a PSA (Professional Snowboarders Association Asia) recommended rider, is a skilled jumper who competes equally with the world's top. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
XNUMXrd place Yuto Miyamura Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
XNUMX winners. XNUMXrd place Miyamura, XNUMXnd place Tamamura, XNUMXst place Nagasawa, organizer daze. Photo: Keita Inamura
Best Trick Shunji Yoneno Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Yoneno, who participated as a daze recommended player, won the Best Trick Award. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
General participation of the first day victoryDaping SaburoThe players are in great shape on the second day.He made it to the finals and showed that he deserves to win. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
Kaito Hamada, a member of the Japanese national team at the Beijing Olympics, showed off his movements on the rails as if he were in a different dimension, astonishing the audience from beginning to end. Photo: Yoshiro Higai

The momentum of the upcomers who have continued to prepare to appear on the scene this year as well, the veteran forces who intercepted them, and the XNUMX visitors who encouraged those players finished the hot session, and Snow Bank closed.

Producer Arai “daze” Yoshimasa & Mrs. Ikuko, the organizer of the event. Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi

On the morning of the event, the organizer Arai “daze” Yoshimasa Yoshimasa and Mrs. Ikuko made a live appearance on a TV program, talked about the purpose of the event on the radio waves, conveyed their thoughts, and moved the hearts of many people. Looking back, the number of blood donors was 567, far exceeding the initial target number of blood donors, 471 blood donors, and 102 registered bone marrow donors.

This time, XNUMX blood donation vehicles were arranged and many people cooperated in donating blood. Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
A blood donation reservation app was also introduced this year, greatly exceeding the initial target number of blood donors. Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Keita Inamura, who used to liven up the venue as a rider, participated in this event as a photographer this time. Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi

Next year, the Tokyo Snow Festival SNOWBANK PAY IT FORWARD will be held from November 2023th to 11th, 11!

See you next year at Yoyogi Park!

Oh no!before that!See you in the snowy mountains!

Let's all make the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd season a wonderful season! !

Photo: Yoshiro Higai

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