To snow surf the snowy mountains of Japan.Masterpiece "LIB TECHNOLOGIES /… LOST × LIB / RETRO RIPPER" created by the famous shaper, MAYHEM

SIZE: 156, 166
PRICE: ¥ 104,500

LIB TECHNOLOGIES is a popular brand produced by Marvin in Seattle, Washington, USA, which has been leading the snowboarding scene by sending out innovative products one after another.Signature models from well-known riders such as Jamie Lynn, Travis Rice, and Eric Jackson are driving the brand's momentum, but the lineup categorized as "experimental" features innovatively shaped models. It was announced and attracted the attention of many snowboarders as well as LIB TECH fans.Among them, the one that attracts particular attention is the collaboration series of "... LOST x LIB TECH", which was developed by Matt Bioros, the world-famous surfboard shaper MAYHEM.Three collaboration models will be developed this season, but the most interesting thing for Japanese snowboarders is probably this "... LOST x LIB / RETRO RIPPER".

… MAYHEM, the creator of LOST SURFBOARD, is a well-known shaper who devoted himself to surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding when he was a student and is now gaining tremendous support from the world's top surfers.In order to realize "snowboarding x surfing" in the snowy mountains, he approached the design of snowboards from the perspective of a surfer and completed a characteristic shape that incorporates various ideas.

RETRO RIPPER is one for MAYHEM's image of a powder snow resort in Japan.The C3 camber is a hybrid structure that incorporates double camber under both feet into a large camber that fits throughout the board, but with a short contact length, long powder nose, and swallow tail, it is a deep powder from a sticky turn in a snow-packed burn. You can draw the line at the rider's discretion until a comfortable cruise in.In particular, the swallow tail enables good turn-through and smooth turning, and brings out the good control that allows you to run through quickly even in a tight tree run.Of course, it has not only powder but also medium flex and a well-tensioned shape, and the stability of the high-speed carving turn on a snow-packed burn is also very good.

Originally released as a limited edition model in Japan, the 156cm length that fits perfectly with the snowy mountains of Japan will be released globally from this season. Thanks to the popularity of "JAPOW", Japanese size is required in the field of the world.

Also, when it comes to LIB TECH boards, the graphics on the deck are also a concern. The "wave" drawn by Katsushika Hokusai is designed on the deck of RETRO RIPPER.The art that Japanese people are familiar with has an impact that is more than enough for the interior of a room, and it is a wasteful finish to put it in a board case.

RETRO RIPPER is a gift from MAYHEM that raises expectations for this season and raises our tension to the limit.


The C3 camber shape that allows smooth carving and high ollie with the camber shape that fits in the entire board, while the mild rocker slightly attached to the center enhances the levitation performance in powder snow.

Swallow-shaped tail, which is the greatest feature of RETRO RIPPER. The split tail improves the turn through and enables the rhythmic and quick turn of the turn.The design like a surfboard shaper makes you want to ride with deep powder.

The art of Katsushika Hokusai, which is familiar to Japanese people, is drawn around the tip.It seems to be useful as a room interior in the off-season.

The sole adopts a sintered base.The sole that runs well demonstrates excellent gliding performance from deep powder in the top season to wet snow in the spring.


MAYHEM has a passion for snowboarding and Japanese powder.Created by him ... The LOST collaboration series has a really distinctive outline, including the other two models.



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