How to replace Boa® wire lace !? How to replace by Sachi Tanaka How To

Boots with Boa® closure system How to replace dials and wire laces that users may be curious about.Even if it is damaged, you can send me replacement parts free of charge. How do you do that?
Boa® rider Sachi Tanaka taught me how to replace it!It is an easy-to-understand video explanation.

Also, based on this How To, I actually tried it in the editorial department, so please read the article as well!


I actually replaced the Boa® wire lace!

▶▶ First, prepare what you need
Replacement parts (dial and wire lace) are on Boa Technology's lifetime warranty web page (boa-japan-warranty.myshopify.comIf you apply from), you can order it for free, so get the same one you use for your boots.Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the dial.If not, you can use a sharp object such as a key.

What to prepare
● Replacement dial "H3 coiler" type
● Replacement wire lace
● Flat-blade screwdriver

If there is something convenient
● Radio pliers

There are several types of dials, depending on the year and model of boots purchased.This time, I used the current mainstream "H3 coiler", but I need to check what type of dial my boots are.

Work started! ▶▶

① Remove the dial
While pushing the claws from the long narrow window on the side of the dial (at about 4 o'clock when viewed from the front) using a flat-blade screwdriver, rotate the base of the dial clockwise by about 10 °.If you pull it toward you, the dial will come off from the boots.

② Remove the wire lace
boa-4Push the longer wire in the opposite direction to loosen the wire.The white part of the dial has holes for passing wires up and down, so loosen them in the order of top and bottom.You can remove it from the dial by pushing out the end of the wire that is inserted in the hole below and extending the bent part.

③ Attach the wire
boa-31) Again, of the upper and lower holes in the white part of the dial, first insert the wire into the upper hole.Insert the wire from the part marked in red, and then go to the hole below.After passing through the lower hole, fold it back and insert the end of the wire into the same hole (lower hole).

boa-52) Pull the threaded wire to the other side to lock it.Pull the wire in the order of the lower hole and the upper hole while holding it with your finger so that the inserted end does not come off.As shown in the photo on the right, if the curved part of the wire fits into the hole, there is no need to worry about it coming off.Pass the wire on the other side in the same way.

If the arrow part is slack when pulling the wire, the wire may come off, so pull it firmly so that it does not slack.If it is difficult to apply force when pulling the wire, you can easily pull it with a pair of needle-nose pliers, so it is recommended for girls.

④ Turn on the dial
1) When you pull the wire that has been passed through the dial from the left and right, the claws of the dial automatically fit into the groove at the mounting position.Align the claws with the thicker groove and push it in.

2) Hold the base of the dial, turn it counterclockwise about 10 °, and when you hear a click, installation is complete.

For the coiler type that automatically winds up, the automatic winding function does not work immediately after replacement.Once you wind it up manually, it will start working normally, so don't panic.


▶▶ Boa® Lifetime Guarantee System
Boa Technology guarantees replaceable dials and wire laces for the safe life of the product (the life of the product), so you can order replacement parts for free by signing up on our dedicated web page.If you want to keep it as a spare before it is damaged, you can purchase it from the spare parts store.It does not support color dials, so in that case, consult the boot manufacturer.

▶▶ The following information is required when ordering replacement parts.

● Brand name ● Model name ● Year of purchase
● Period of use ● Reason for replacement ● Wire length
● Attach a photo of the damaged part (a photo taken with a smartphone etc. is OK)

* Why is the length of the wire necessary?Both ends of the wire are heat treated to prevent them from fraying, so long pieces cannot be cut and used.

* The length of the wire is usually written as "wire length" or "cable length" on the label on the inside of the tongue of the boot, so be sure to check it carefully.

* Please contact each boot manufacturer for how to replace dial types other than H3 / H3 coilers.