Three ORCA “LIB TECHNOLOGIES / T.RICE ORCA SERIES” proposed by Travis to challenge his own limits


T.RICE ORCA (left)
SIZE: 138, 144, 147, 150, 153, 156, 159, 162 (cm)
PRICE: ¥ 121,000 (tax included)

SIZE: 153, 156, 159 (cm)
PRICE: ¥ 206,800 (tax included)

SIZE: 150, 153, 157, 161 (cm)
PRICE: ¥ 137,500 (tax included)

Travis Rice, a superstar who continues to push the boundaries of snowboarding.A top-notch snowboarder, he has made the impossible possible, but at the same time, he is also a genius board creator who has designed many boards to realize the riding that he imagined in his mind.
Travis sees snowboarding from a place we'd never get to, and he's like, 'What's this?'Among them, the one that attracted the most fans was the freeride board “ORCA”, which Travis loved and announced as a signature model.The short and wide shape board became a hot topic as soon as it was released and became an explosive hit.Both in Japan and around the world, there was a reaction like "Travis was on a board that was so easy to ride!"But Travis' desire to create was never satisfied.Based on the ORCA, Travis has developed a model that matches the riding style and succeeded in powering it up as the "ORCA series".Here, we will introduce the base model ORCA and two ORCA series models that are attracting attention this season.
▶ T.RICE ORCA = A very popular board that is said to have been developed by Travis to ski the snowy mountains of Japan.The best feature of this board, which adopts the "HYBRID C2x structure" of W camber that has excellent buoyancy (float power) and the wave-shaped "magne traction edge" that grips any snow surface, is easy to ride in powder and carving. You can feel sharp with it and you don't lose control even on icy burns.All in all, it's a great all-mountain board. It is the origin of the ORCA series, and everything started with this board.
▶ T.RICE APEX ORCA = A series/high-end model based on ORCA, using the best materials possible to improve performance. Although it has the same “HYBRID C2x structure” as the ORCA, it has a slightly stronger directional (straight line) and is designed to improve running performance, providing sufficient buoyancy even in powder, making it easy to control.By adopting carbon as the core material, a lighter and stronger board was completed.It can be said that it is a premium model that challenges the limits of ORCA.
▶ T.RICE GOLDEN ORCA = Evolutionary mountain freestyle model developed with freestyle movement in mind.The biggest feature is that the newly developed "power kink tail" is adopted for the tail of the board of "HYBRID C2x structure". “This tail works like the nose of a powder board,” says Travis, and is designed for smooth switch riding, tricks in powder and action in the park.
Travis is always thinking about what kind of slopes and how to skate to new worlds.Imagine what kind of board you need for that... and these 3 models will take your riding to a higher level. With ORCA, it may be possible to take a peek into a new world that only Travis can see.

Double camber structure (HYBRID C2x) = Rocker in the center increases buoyancy in powder, and camber under both feet enables sharp turns.The combination of rocker and camber makes the board more stable and responsive.
Whale tail of "ORCA".The short and sharp kick shape provides excellent operability and expands the flexibility of turns.Increased jumping power
"Magne Traction Edge" with XNUMX wavy edges with different shapes.It grips the snow perfectly even on icy slopes (Photo: GOLDEN ORCA)
GOLDEN ORCA's power kink tail that is effective for tricks in powder and park.

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