Although we were worried about light snow this season, the Minami Uonuma area in Niigata prefecture, which is one of the most heavy snowfall areas in Japan, does not disappoint.A local rider in the best condition to be able to glide all over, regaining the stone-likeness at once after a few days of snowfall.Aya SatoHiroki HoshiSlip out.
Text: Aya Sato
Photo: kentaroufuchimoto

If you want to enjoy the morning of Ishiuchi, first go to the top of the mountain

Ishiuchi Maruyama has a snowfall of well over 50 cm overnight when a cold wave arrives.The attraction of Ishiuchi Maruyama is that you can enjoy various courses so that you can slip down from the start of the lift operation to the night game.Such stone hitting can slide on all 23 courses, and the conditions are perfect.

Introducing how to enjoy the local style of Ishiuchi Maruyama

First of all, board the Sunrise Express when the service starts.With the opening of this world's most advanced combination lift from last season, it is also a nice point to be able to easily access areas with high altitude and good conditions even in the season with little snow.

The 10-seater gondola is very comfortable because it is spacious even if you bring in a board.You can also check the slope condition while looking at the outside scenery

There was snowfall the day before, and the first thing the locals are aiming for on a sunny morning the next morning is the fresh snow grooming barn on the mountaintop.The next morning after it rains, don't you aim for powder?You may think that, but first of all, the local recommended line is to enjoy an elegant turn with high-quality snow.Make a big turn with a wide barn on the mountaintop slope overlooking the white snow-covered Uonuma Plain, and it's the perfect start to your day.

Two people who enjoy the best grooming in a wide burn.On a clear day, you can overlook the Uonuma Plain, and the area near the mountaintop high-speed lift is also a popular photo spot.

"If you want to play Ishiuchi Maruyama completely, it's top to bottom!"

After finishing the morning activities at the top of the mountain, the next thing I would like to introduce is the top-to-bottom of Ishiuchi.It goes without saying that the top of the mountain is the best, but the attraction of Ishiuchi is the course variation that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced players regardless of level.

You can slide down to the bottom while enjoying the slopes rich in various terrains such as swamp terrain and jump spots.It's good to enjoy yourself at your own pace, but the real pleasure of snowboarding is to have a session with your friends for each point. "Let's go there next time!" "Let's fly by train!", Locals who are slipping every day are enjoying while developing new ways of playing every day.

Strategy meeting on which line Hiroki and Aya are aiming for
The first thing you can enjoy when you get off the mountaintop slope is the swamp terrain of the paradise course.
AYA: A side hit on the Omaruyama slope, indie with the Uonuma plain in the background
HIROKI: Hiroki is enjoying this side hit with his friends even at night games.
The green course is a little-known spot where relatively clean grooming remains even at a late time.The slope is just right and the burn is wide, so it is recommended for beginners and those who enjoy gratri.

When they come down to the bottom, the next two people eat up the side pow of the devil down course.On this course, which is completely uncompacted, you can enjoy the natural snow in one of the most heavy snowfall areas in Japan during snowfall.It is a very popular course even for heavy snow night games.We want you to enjoy the changing burn conditions every day because it is a non-compacted snow area.

AYA: Because there was snow the day before, riding while rolling up fresh snow
HIROKI: Hiroki puts on the armpit pow

When you get off the devil down course, you will join the sunrise line.This course, which passes under the state-of-the-art combination lift "Sunrise Express", has abundant jump spots such as walls and depressions, and there are plenty of points to apply even in the latter half of the top to bottom.

AYA: Dominate the line of sight from lifts and gondola!

When you arrive at the bottom, take a 6-seater chair and go to the upper area again.

A chair with the best ride quality.It is also nice to have a seat heater

Top-to-bottom of Ishiuchi that can be enjoyed at any level.In the mountaintop area, there is a detour fairy tale course in addition to the mountaintop slope.Also, in the base area, there is a sunrise line in addition to the devil down course, so it can be said that the real pleasure of Ishiuchi Maruyama is that you can choose a course that goes to the bottom according to your mood at that time.

After slipping, take a break at the resort center.
A comfortable space with plenty of breaks

A resort center that newly appeared last year with Sunrise Express.A changing room equipped with a large mirror and the latest hair dryer, and a clean and warm lounge space.There is also a cafe stand and a shop that sells Ishiuchi Maruyama original goods.Be sure to check out the GOLDWIN specialty stores where you can buy products that are likely to be useful not only when slipping but also off-snow.

Ishiuchi Maruyama is the 70th anniversary of this season!Various events are being held

Ishiuchi Maruyama has been transforming by releasing new contents one after another since last season, but this season is the 70th anniversary of the season.In commemoration of that, various events are held.

A 70th anniversary menu will be available at each restaurant on the slopes.This is an event unique to Ishiuchi Maruyama, which has a good reputation for guerrilla food.Detail ishereから

In addition, if you fill in the required items on the back of the lift ticket you purchased and apply in the application boxes at 3 locations in the ski resort, a total of 70 people will win a luxurious prize by lottery, 70th anniversary gift campaign, Instagram We are also holding an Instagram hashtag campaign where you can get original goods by posting with "# ishiuchi70th". For more information on the 70th Anniversary Campaignhereから

How was the way the two locals enjoyed Ishiuchi?We hope that you will enjoy the "now" of Ishiuchi Maruyama, which has become fully skiable and has changed gears to the conditions of the top season at once.

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