ZUMA's bamboo sidewalls where the supple characteristics of bamboo change riding

TRIPPY / Size_147, 151, 155 ¥ 54,000

Japan snowboard brand ZUMA launched in 1995.The mother body is Swallow Ski, a long-established ski maker since 1953, and the technology accumulated for more than 40 years is utilized in snowboard production.This page focuses on the “Bamboo Side Wall” among the ZUMA snowboarding technologies.

Features of Bamboo Side Wall
Supple flex (repulsion) can be obtained by the fibers peculiar to bamboo with tension, so sticky riding is possible.Edge grip is also improved by stepping on while maintaining flex.In addition, since the fibers pass through from the nose to the tail one by one, it is supple and has a strong return, and it is durable and has improved impact resistance.

Bamboo Side Wall used in 9 models in the ZUMA lineup
Bamboo Side Wall used in 9 models in the ZUMA lineup

Difference from other materials
Bamboo is not easily affected by temperature, so stable riding can be expected without affecting the performance of the board even under changes in temperature, especially at low temperatures.

Benefits of riding
Normally, it is recommended that the board used by beginners and intermediates be soft, but while the soft board is easy to handle, it is a little unsuitable for tricks that require repulsion due to its weak repulsive force.In addition, as the sliding speed increases, the plate flutters and the stability deteriorates.However, when the bamboo sidewall is installed, the bending of the bamboo supports it, so the softness of the board (ease of operation) is maintained, moderate repulsion is obtained, stability is improved, and repulsion is further improved. It will be easier to perform tricks that use.Even if you are an advanced player who can step on a hard board firmly, you can step deeper than the suppleness of bamboo, so you can do tricks that are one level higher than you can reach by just sliding at high speed.

Bamboo sidewall mounted model lineup
TRIPPY_ Hybrid rocker shape
ALIVE_Double camber rocker shape
JOURNEY_Flat rocker shape
DEEP FRIED WIDE_Camber shape
JOKER_Camber shape
DEEP FRIED_Camber shape
1st_Camber shape
Hien Ryu Flame_ Hybrid rocker shape
Hien Ryu Akira_Double camber rocker shape

If you haven't tried a model with bamboo sidewalls yet, or if you want to ride one step higher, please find the model that suits you from the nine.

Swallow ski
A long-established ski brand founded in 1953.Utilizing the ski manufacturing technology cultivated over many years in the production of snowboards, we are updating our unique technology that is not bound by genre. ZUMA SKIS rider Cassie Sharpe has won the World Cup on the ski halfpipe, and ZUMA's technology is sure to bring out the power of the rider. ZUMA official website here

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