Samurai, etc., which has the best structure and flex for park rides

The board center is a camber, but the samurai has a hybrid camber structure with loose rockers on the nose and tail.The camber covers the elements necessary for carving sharpness and ollie in jumps, and thanks to the rocker, it has a moderate looseness and is hard to catch the edge in jib and gratri.However, compared to the same hybrid camber structure, the carbon ribbon is arranged from a unique point of view due to the slightly elastic middle flex setting, which makes it easier to make a powerful ollie and quick response.In other words, you can instantly perform the “desired movement” where you want it.Samurai for park ride.This is the iron rule in the true sky snowboard.

True sky snow board, etc.
Size: 150, 152, 155cm
Price: ¥ 68,200

Jumps, jib, anything artificial!
The center of the board is camber, and the nose and tail are hybrid camber structures that incorporate rockers, so the power of camber is useful for carving and jumping, and the strength of rockers that can be loosely handled in jib and gratri is effective.

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