The opposite season

The rainy season is over and hot days continue every day.

My house, which I moved to in the spring, still has no air conditioner, but

I think about trying to survive the summer without air conditioning.

Because if you walk around the city, the outdoor units of the air conditioners are in full operation in every house and building.

You're sprinkling hot air, right?

The glass of the building reflects the sunlight like a mirror, and the whole city is heating up more and more.

As a matter of course, there is no air conditioner in Sky Adventure, which is operated in the summer.

You can feel the coolness even a little by sprinkling water or hanging a wind chime.

Really, if the whole earth heats up like this, it's not like snowboarding.

Winter without snow ...

That wonderful sense of speed, the floating feeling of powder, the situation of silver and silver,

It's lonely that I can't taste everything.

Well, I can't say anything because there is a risk of heat stroke,

I wonder what the action is to cool the earth even a little.

A hot summer day ...