Introducing VALHALLA, the most powerful freeriding board that enables hard charging!_NEVER SUMMER

Innovative triple camber fusion shape adopted


Sizes: 147, 153, 156, 160, 164
Price: ¥ 121,000

With a stiff flex, this board demonstrates absolute strength against hard charges that can overcome any difficult situation with stable gliding performance, such as steep slopes and ice slopes."VALHALLA" has appeared as a freeride board that seeks the next level.The stiff flex + triple camber structure grips the edge firmly, and the triple camber responds flexibly to slope changes and speed changes, bringing out stable gliding performance.
A unique shape with a setback stance and 7mm taper, and a unique bat tail reminiscent of a bat's wings, draws out outstanding buoyancy in powder while smoothly transmitting lift to the tail for excellent control. enable.
Equipped with a new concept of deep powder, backcountry, NEVER SUMMER as well as carving on hard burn, "VALHALLA" is a next-generation high-performance freeriding board that fully supports your challenge to the next level. .

The flat area is slightly longer in front of the camber part of the nose, enabling smooth handling. While drawing out strong grip from the four edge contacts, the three camber sections improve the ability to adapt to a wide range of conditions.
Bat tail reminiscent of bat wings.Enables stable turn control in deep powder


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