The long-awaited latest BOA®︎ "H4" is now available-the strongest system with reliability that supports the extreme riding required by top riders-

The BOA fit system is now indispensable for us snowboarders as a "performance fit system" that can quickly and surely obtain the best fit that was difficult with mere laces.The latest platform "H3" was introduced to BOA this season, which is the 4th year since the birth of "H3", which has been used in many snowboard boots until the previous season. What is the point of upgrading from H4 to H4? How far will the performance of each company's boots be updated by the introduction of HXNUMX?I will explain all the points of concern here.

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With an upgrade to "H4"
As a more perfect fit system
Evolved BOA

In the 19th year of BOA's birth, our riding has become much easier with the advent of an innovative system that uses the dial to set the feet, which is the most important for snowboarders, and to tighten the boots.In the first place, tightening the laces is a very difficult task at the feet of snowboarders who always ride hard, it takes time, and it always took skill to get the best fit.But with the advent of BOA, we can easily get our favorite fit just by turning the dial.Fine adjustment while applying strong tension is possible only because of BOA. For those of us who are used to using BOA, it's harder to imagine the annoyances of the past, but BOA has already become an indispensable system for our riding.
The BOA has evolved into the new H4.The aim was durability in harsher environments and maintainability to avoid troubles.There will of course be feedback from the field of many top riders, including pioneer Travis Rice.It can be said that the reliability of BOA has increased dramatically due to this evolution.
Another evolution is that the H4 is now a system that allows you to combine traditional stainless lace with the TX3 textile lace that was already used in Burton boots.At the same time, from this season, TX3 can be used by many brands.TX3 lace has become a new option for boots from various companies in applications where the flexibility of synthetic fibers is preferred.

Durable yet supple and firm hold stainless steel lace (left), more flexible touch TX3 lace (right), each characteristic boosts boot performance and is the best rider wants. Achieve a fit
We have developed a model that achieves a more perfect fit and improved performance when riding by properly using stainless steel lace and TX3 lace according to the performance required by each company. With the introduction of the H4, it can be said that the boots equipped with BOA have been upgraded.

Get boots with H4 this season,
With the best performance fit system
Enjoy smarter and more satisfying riding

New design that is hard to break for various situations

 Improved cartridge durability 

In H4, dial, cartridge, bionet are all newly designed

Compared to H3, the four legs (claw) on the cartridge are thicker and shorter.Furthermore, the overlapping part of the joint part with the base bionet has also increased, and the meshing has become more robust.In addition, the base bionet uses a soft nylon material and introduces a structure that releases power when an excessive load is applied.By giving flexibility to the part that supports the legs of the cartridge, for example, even if the dial receives a strong impact, it will come off before the legs are damaged.Even if the cartridge part comes off, it can be easily attached to the bionet side, so there will be no trouble in riding.

Compared to the H3 on the left, the H4 on the right is considerably more compact.Especially the legs are short.
The left is H3 and the right is H4 bionet. H4 uses a soft nylon material and has a structure that prevents damage even if an excessive load is applied by increasing flexibility.


You can easily remove the dial and perform maintenance. 

In H4, insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the notch on the side of the dial like this and rotate it counterclockwise to unlock it.Work is also smooth

The H4 mechanism has a simple design that does not easily cause lace winding errors or troubles, but it is also very easy to remove the dial when installing the lace.Insert the tip of a flat-blade screwdriver into the notch on the side of the dial and rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise to unlock.Furthermore, it is designed to come off when the cartridge is rotated clockwise and aligned with the point marked with a cross.Therefore, even if there is an inconvenience in the race, it can be dealt with immediately.The convenience of maintenance has been further enhanced.

New universal spool common to stainless steel race and TX3 race 

The upper hole is for TX3 lace, the lower hole is for stainless steel lace and one spool is compatible with two types of lace

The spool that becomes the winding part of the race has a built-in spool of another standard for TX3 race in H3, but in H4 it is a universal spool compatible with all H series races with one type, and it is more versatile. It has evolved into a system.


 TX3 that supports a comfortable fit for riders seeking flexibility 

TX3 lace (top), which has excellent flexibility, is hard to get entangled, and is hard to get entangled, and stainless steel lace (bottom), which has excellent durability and a firm hold feeling.

It is used in the H3 that has already been installed in Burton, and its ability has been proven TX3.A textile lace that has been well-received for its flexibility, resistance to curling, and resistance to entanglement by fusing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber with high tensile strength and polyester fiber.Along with the stainless steel lace, which has excellent durability and makes it easy to obtain a firm hold, it is possible to select the lace for each model for each boot, opening up the possibility of further improving the performance of the boot.


 To a smart and easy-to-use system 

The H4 is compact even when looking at the overall form.Considering the winding of the lace, it can be said that it is a fairly minimal size.

The new shape of H4 is more sophisticated and easier to handle than H3. The H3 has undergone minor changes since its introduction, but the degree of perfection of the H4 has improved dramatically, and it has evolved into a smart one not only in terms of operability but also in terms of maintainability.When choosing boots this season, pay attention to the H4 letters on the BOA dial.

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