The indoor slopes are hot! SNOVA Shin-Yokohama SUPER JIB DAY

It's been two months since I got away from the natural snow, and I think I've missed it soon.Yeti, Japan's fastest ski resort, opens in mid-October, but there are other places to ski.One of them is the indoor slope SNOVA!Recently, it is said that it is becoming more interesting mainly in the local area.This time, we will report on the SUPER JIB DAY, which was held mainly by local riders from SNOVA Shin-Yokohama!

Edit: Yutaro Hirakami

The name of the event held at SNOVA Shin-Yokohama this time is "SUPER JIB DAY", and as the name suggests, a special layout different from the usual Shin-Yokohama layout was created.

20160612-026 Copy
Rider: Karin Onozaki

When you hear SUPER JIB, is it a layout for professionals?Of course, EASY items such as flat boxes are also installed so that even beginners can enjoy it.The layout was such that both hardcore and easy items could be enjoyed.The lines that can be played on various lines such as rails and boxes are too much to play during this event alone.

20160612-041 Copy
Rider: Manato Chiba

Many riders also participated in this session.It's a great opportunity for people who come to play to get advice from riders.It's a valuable opportunity to see the skills of the riders up close.During the session, there is also time to receive training from the riders who participated in the event.Only at the opportunity for many riders to get together, I was given lessons on the spot, such as tips on techniques that I wouldn't normally be able to hear.

20160612-069 Copy of copy
Rider: Aya Sato
20160612-112 Copy
Rider: Takuji Oishi

Shin-Yokohama locals will also liven up the event.Yeah from the participants around me for the attacked slip!Voice.The distance between the customers who are hiking up at this event and the customers who are slipping is close.

20160612-137 Copy
Rider: Tetsuko Kawai

The appearance of the girl attacking this event was impressive.The skill that slipped in during this period became established when he returned to the snowy mountains.

20160612-141 Copy
Riders: 34

As time goes by, the sharpness of the participants' skills increases. The Dirty Pimp crew is truly a railman.

20160612-184 Copy
Rider: Ryoki Ogawa

Check the video for the detailed session!Let's feel the atmosphere with MOVIE that conveys the realism.

There is an indoor slope in the off-season in Japan.You can enjoy kickers, JIBs, and pipes at SNOVA in various places.An indoor slope where various events are planned in the future.Why don't you go play to improve your skills before the season?