The highest free riding board dedicated to female riders "LADY FR"_NEVER SUMMER

Maximize the characteristics of triple camber
For women who want to enjoy more comfortable freeriding

Sizes: 144, 147, 151, 153, 156
Price: ¥ 107,800

"LADY FR" has evolved based on the shape of NEVER SUMMER's popular freeride board LADY WEST for women.Introduced an innovative triple camber concept, and adopted a triple camber fusion shape that adjusted the original triple camber for women to flexibly adjust the board performance to changes in the slope while sliding, and to increase stability.It has a flex that grips carving firmly even at high speed, yet has flexibility that is easy for women to handle.It creates enough buoyancy even in powder, and fits flexibly on all slopes to enable smooth turns.A board with stability and ease of handling that enhances the riding level of the rider himself.The beautiful and sophisticated board graphics unique to the ladies-only model are also likely to attract attention.


New shape "TRIPLE CAMBER FUSION" that grips the edge with 4 fulcrums and fits flexibly on all slopes

The 5mm tapered outline brings out buoyancy and stable speed performance while fully enjoying powder riding.

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