The final volume of "Backside Owen" ~ LATE project x FREERUN Encyclopedia of Gratley

Now, the advanced edition is finally the final episode !! The attention of the technique is also MAX !! ~ Gratley HOW TO movie series "Gratley Encyclopedia" by LATE project presents. Over a three-month period, the members of the LATE project will explain the techniques that are the key points of Gratley HOW TO while gradually improving their level.The final theme is "Backside Owen".Let's try the last technique !!

Backside Owen

The final trick of "Gratri Encyclopedia" delivered by Late Project is "Backside Owen"!
by Kenichi Takizawa (Kenichi Takizawa: Rider introduction movie

Introducing super esoteric tricks!
To be honest, I was able to do this trick two seasons ago.
If you can do this, you will join the ranks of advanced Gratri!
Let's take on the challenge! !! !! !!

Understand that this "Backside Owen" is a super esoteric trick.
The point is how simple you can think.
On the contrary, when I try to remember each movement, my body does not respond easily.
If you think too much, your body will not respond.

First, let's break it down and think about what kind of tricks are needed.
360. Enter is drive back XNUMX
XNUMX. Stop the rotation and press the backside nose press
XNUMX. Walk while returning the rotation
360, play, switch Norry XNUMX
540. The last screwing is backside XNUMX

It is a feeling.
First of all, please check if you can do these techniques.
As mentioned earlier, even if you think about it, this trick doesn't move your body.
You need to master these basic tricks for your body to react on its own.

If you miss any of them, please go back to the basics ♪
So, if you can do these basic skills, you can't do "Backside Owen".

What is needed for Backside Owen is how to connect these techniques in a lean manner.

Now let's do another disassembly.Let's change our perspective more simply.

(540) The total number of revolutions is backside XNUMX.
During the rotation, the shuffle movement that returns the rotation enters.
This movement is made possible by a twisting motion that twists the upper and lower body.

(XNUMX) There are three shaft changes.
The trigger for rotation is the hind legs
The rotation of the first half is the forefoot
Change from shuffle and play, hind legs

[Twist movement and axis transfer]
This is an important point.
If you try this movement while stopping on a flat surface, you will start walking [walk].
This is the key to makeup!

The simplest way to think of "Backside Owen" is as follows.
"Walk in the middle of the backside nose press spin 540"

By walking rhythmically at the right time so as not to kill the rotational force, the 360 ​​in the final stage will turn freely.
It's like dancing and taking steps ♪

Please watch the video repeatedly and grasp the timing ♪
The line of sight is important to avoid killing the rotational force, so please check when and where you are looking ♪
That will definitely open the way to makeup!

Late riders explain more detailed methods, so please check that too ♪
This is the end of the "Gratri Encyclopedia" that has been serialized for three months.
Thank you so much for staying with us for a long time!

Even if there are still some tricks that you can't challenge, the day will surely come when you can challenge as the basics accumulate!
In such a case, please remember this "Gratri Encyclopedia" again and come back ♪

If you improve and read it again, you will be able to understand what you did not understand when you were a beginner, and you will find new discoveries and hints.

If you want to know more tricks for beginners, check out Instagram.
We have started a one-point how-to for beginners, so please come and see it ♪

I'm uploading tricks one by one every day ♪
Currently it is still level XNUMX, but I would like to gradually improve it!
It's only been a week since it opened, so the number is small, but we'll continue to increase it, so please look forward to it ♪

Account is @gt_series_ground_trick

Follow & save videos, look around on the lift and improve!

From January to May, a special lesson [late camp] taught by Kenichi Takizawa will be held at the Onze Ski Resort in Otaru!
It is held 3-4 times a week, so please check the details of the lesson here and apply ♪
It's a very popular lesson every year, and some dates are already full.
If you are interested, please check it out ♪

See you next time on the slopes! !! !! !!
Please spend the happiest winter with a smile ♪

Snowboarding is a bridge that connects people with a smile.
Late project: Kenichi Takizawa@kenichi.takizawa

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illusion(Phantom: Rider introduction movie
I think it's a superlative trick these days!Buck Owens!
First, the backside pivot 1 is important!
The first challenge!Backside pivot!
Let's practice up to Backside Pivot 360!
Actually, I don't turn it up to the backside pivot 360,
When you turn it to some extent, it will stop for a moment, so
Let's practice well in order to give a sense of stability at that time ♪
Second, control the movement by twisting the upper body!
As an image, take the shape of the backside nose press from the backside pivot,
Stop for a moment here = make a tame!
When making a tame, let's stop the rotational force for a moment by twisting the upper body!
At this time, do not lay the board right next to it when it is in the shape of a backside nose press!
Be aware of about 300 °!
This is because the angle of 300 ° prevents reverse edges and makes it easier to make tame!
Thirdly, the tempo is good at the end ♪
Buck Owens!
Overall, it sounds like a pretty complicated move,
Backside Pivot 360 →
Backside nose press →
Pivot 180 →
Switch Nory 360!

I think it's easy to imagine if you think of it as a combination of these four tricks.
As a movement in the second half
Let's decide the next pivot 180 → switch nory 360 of the backside nose press at a good tempo in an instant ♪

With the above three points, you too are Buck Owens Master ♪

No way! !!Grand Trick Master ♪

Junji Yamamoto (Junji Yamamoto: Rider introduction movie
Backside Owen, like Owen, when locking the body and board
The "twist" of the upper and lower body is very important.
And, in order to create this "twist", "line of sight" is very important.

The body always tries to keep up with the line of sight.
By making good use of this characteristic, you can create a "twist" with a line of sight (upper body) that goes against the momentum of your body.

Kenichi Jimbo (Kenichi Jimbo: Rider introduction movie
1 When the first 270, put the upper body in the opposite direction of rotation.
Turn with a nose compass triggered by the toe edge.
It is an image of a rotating leg, leaving the upper body unrotated and twisting strongly in the reverse direction.
2 Stop with heels and play with toe
Stop at 270 with the heel load and return 90 with the toe.
If you take one step forward from the stopped foot to the changed foot, you can put your weight on the changed foot and play it.
3 Return 360 is the upper body in the direction of rotation
Turn your upper body in the direction of rotation and return it in the opposite direction of your lower body.
If the lower half of the body is hung on the upper half of the body, you cannot step on it, so imagine putting up with the lower half of the body and returning 90.
It's easy to get rushed and messy, so be careful one by one!
Once you have a backside Owen, try various tricks and make your own original tricks!
The possibilities of Gratley are endless! !!

Daiki Yoshitake (Daiki Yoshitake: Rider introduction movie
As with the previous Owen, I think it's a good idea to break down each movement and practice.
1 When 270 degrees from the B compass, twist the upper body in the opposite direction to stop the rotation at 270 degrees.
2 When remounting, tap to the valley side while returning to the reverse rotation a little.
At this time, if you do not hold the center of gravity firmly to the valley side, you will not receive the next repulsion.
I think you should remember the practice of the nose manual!
3 Don't forget to twist your upper body again when you tap and get the final rotational force!

Consider that the bending of the board such as pressing and moving the center of gravity repels the next movement, and the twist of the upper body receives the rotational force of the next movement.
You'll find what you're missing in what action!
I think it will be more fun if you acquire the technology to analyze yourself and improve various things ♪

Kazuki Tanaka (Paul Kazuki Tanaka: Rider introduction movie
Starting from the left foot from the main instance, turn 270 times to the backside, then change from the left foot to the right foot for 270.

This technique is beneficial if you understand the shape of the end.Please analyze what kind of shape it ends up with.Practicing without a board is also quite effective, so it's a good idea to understand the beginning and end.
In practice, after 270 times to the backside in the same way, you can move toward the shape of the end.

The point is to bring your left foot, which is the first starting point, directly under your body.
Also, by pulling the floating right foot to around 280 degrees, you can use the recoil to fly the right foot forward.

Yohei Muroi (Yohei Muroi: Rider introduction movie
Like Owen, twist your upper body in the opposite direction when you first turn 270 to make a tame.
At this time, if the turning is weak, the tame will also be weak, so please be conscious of turning 270 firmly.
Release your upper body as soon as you twist it and get on your reverse leg!
The point is how to leave the upper body at the first 270!

Hideki Kishinami (Hideki Kishinami: Rider introduction movie
The trick of backside Owen is the twist of the upper body when turning 270 ° on the backside.
If you twist it firmly here to make a shape, you can take a step forward when making the next board.
If you get the board back from 270 ° to 90 ° and kick it out, it will be easier to turn it to the end.

Rei Takahashi (Rei Takahashi: Rider introduction movie
It's a reverse version of Owen, but the way you use your body is quite different.
With Buck Owens, when the first back pivot is 270 °, the body supports the body with only the valley side + heel of one leg, so it becomes difficult to balance.
Conversely, if you stabilize the first 270 °, the rest will be easier.
At the first back pivot of 270 °, I think it will be easier to stabilize if you use your knees softly and lower the center of gravity of your lower body a little.
(At this time, squeeze the upper body to the opposite side of the pivoted leg.)
After completing this step, the next step is to take the pivoted foot one step forward and feel like flying a little.
(After 270 ° → 90 ° back.)
Catch the flying foot and turn the remaining 180 ° while continuing to step on it to complete.
(It's like Norry 180.)

* If the center of gravity is placed too much on the valley side at the first 270 °, the reverse edge on the toe side will be eaten.
ご 注意 く だ さ い.

Hyodo Ryu (Ryu Hyodo: Rider introduction movie
This trick first made me struggle to understand the movement ...
I turn 270 degrees from Jackson with a nose compass, but the first point is to turn 270 degrees with a reverse twist as soon as I make a trigger to turn it with a lead.
When it turns 270 degrees, it becomes like a lock on the back tail of the switch, so from the place where the shaft foot is on the heel edge at that time
Use the toe edge to change the foot that is not the axial foot so that it returns 90 degrees.
The second point is to change the train with the image of walking at this time.
After remounting, turn Switch Nory 360.
The third point is to move your shoulders firmly when remounting.
Reverse twist → precedent → reverse twist.

Ryota Tanaka (Ryota Tanaka: Rider introduction movie
Part XNUMX Axis (body) is the center of the board
Part XNUMX Good rhythm
XNUMX axis is the center of the board
The axis (body) is always in the center of the board.
Please try with that in mind.

XNUMX Good rhythm
It's good if you can break down each movement, get used to it, have a good rhythm, and make it flow.

Even if you are not on the snow, you can check the movement in the room without having to boil the image or wear a board, so please try to boil the image in detail.