The best that can be guarded more tightly ・ YOROI JUMPING VEST

Size: W / SM / ML / L-XL (adult), JS-JM / JM-JL (junior)
Color: BLK
Price: ¥ 27,000 (adult), ¥ 26,000 (junior)

JUMPING VEST, which protects the body 360 degrees, is characterized by covering all the ribs.The small triangular pad fits every movement, and the honeycomb mesh and open vent pad provide excellent breathability.Since you can control the width of the body with Velcro tapes on both sides, you can adjust the fit to the optimum even if you change the inner according to various body shapes and seasons.In addition, the height of the trunk belt can be changed, and it can be set in a position that suits the user.

Supports your body even if you make a mistake during jibing and the item hits your armpits, this model will protect you well.
Support your body
Even if you make a mistake during jibing and the item hits the armpit directly, this model will guard you well.

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