High-performance free riding board "SWIFT" _NEVER SUMMER that you can enjoy carving everywhere while being the best powder board

NEVER SUMMER free riding board
Popular model that drives evolution


Size: 157, 162
Price: ¥ 110,000 (tax included)

Among the many lineups of NEVER SUMMER, SWIFT is positioned in the SHAPERS series along with the powder and carving board "HARPOON", which has been a hot topic in recent years.By adopting a pointed nose with a retro feel and a swallow tail that looks like a hollowed out tail tip, it demonstrates outstanding flotation and controllability in powder snow.Furthermore, by adopting the FUSION rocker camber, which is a double camber equipped with a long and shallow camber under the forefoot and a long and deep camber under the hindfoot, while maintaining the buoyancy and operability of the nose, it has a firm grip and repulsion on the tail side. It occurs and has an excellent balance of carving turns. It has the largest taper of 20mm in the SHAPERS series, and it is a board that allows you to enjoy an accurate turn on the line you intended in all situations.

FUSION rocker camber shape that is a double camber equipped with a long and shallow camber under the front legs and a long and deep camber under the hind legs.
A nose with a slightly pointed tip and a retro feel.The nose has enough flotation to allow smooth cruising through powder snow.
The tail part has a swallow tail shape with the tip cut and hollowed out.The goodness of turning back in the tree run and the goodness of turning out are also attractive
The tip of the tail is also well finished.Good finish that can be called NEVER SUMMER

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