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Pay attention to the cutting-edge design that thoroughly pursues the fun of snowboarding!

Gray Snowboards was started in 1998 by a group of friends and engineers inspired by Sufing and Skateboarding, aiming to create a snowboard that can turn comfortably and solidly.With its unique design and design capabilities, it has established an unshakable position as a high-performance snowboard brand.Unlike simple OEM brands, all outline molds are uniquely designed.In addition to the functional and beautiful shape created by the combination of three-dimensional curves that have been thoroughly calculated, each material to be incorporated is carefully selected. The core profile (thickness balance of the wood core) in units of 3/1mm is also uniquely designed.Hypotheses that come from sharp inspirations and the meticulousness of verifying them one by one on the snow can be said to be GRAY technology.Currently, we have a production background in China as well as a factory in Japan, and we have started a new collaboration with a factory in Taiwan.Pursuing the ideal snowboard.It continues to evolve as a popular brand not only in Japan but also overseas.

GENIUS [Cam/Roc]
In order to maximize the performance of Guratori,
A hybrid cam lock model that uses camber and rocker arches.

GENIUS has gained popularity as a mid-flex twin tip for enjoying straight jumps and slopestyle, but it has a short tip with a slightly shorter radius at the tip, a longer effective edge, and a hybrid cam lock. A new version compatible with Guratri is born.A gentle rocker on the outside of both feet and a camber set between the stance allow you to freely control the movements of ``sliding'', ``tightening'' and ``flicking'' the grip. GENIUS's original ultra-light ULTRA LIGHT CORE allows for easy handling, and the side cut, which combines 5 R's, supports stable board trim in any situation. The GENIUS Camrock has a slightly softer flex than the camber model, making it suitable for a wide range of anglers, from beginners to advanced.

Sizes: 140, 144, 149, 152, 155
Price: ¥118,000 (tax included)

Toyobo's ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber "Izanas®" is generously placed under the core,
A model exclusively for Guratri that has achieved a new dimension of stickiness and repulsion.

TRICKSTICK, a full twin model with soft flex, has been updated with flex and balance specially designed for grator training.In order to strengthen the repulsion of the nose and tail, we adjusted the flex balance by focusing on achieving both suppleness and repulsion of the ball.Izanas®, an ultra-high strength polyethylene material developed by Toyobo, is placed between the stance and on the underside of the core at the tip.By introducing new materials, we have achieved a new dimension of flexibility and bounce. The good repulsion of TRICKSTICK's original active camber has a synergistic effect, resulting in a more poppy riding feeling.A model that takes full advantage of the conventional ease of riding and handling while actively challenging new possibilities of guratori.

Sizes: 138, 141, 144, 148, 151, 154
Price: ¥118,000 (tax included)

All Mountain Free Carving All Terrain Series

An all-mountain freeride series that offers terrain play throughout the snowy mountains.Each size has a distinctive outline and arch bend, and each is developed as a board that pursues riding taste and playability on a variety of terrain. 4852, 56, 58, and 62 use a long moontail with a large radius. The 57 uses a tail with an even larger slit.It can flexibly respond to slope changes, and has a side cut that combines three or five arcs, making it extremely smooth to exit turns, allowing you to enjoy free carving to the fullest.Regarding the arch, we use different arches within the series: single camber, S-Low camber, and powder rocker.At first glance, it looks like a shape that emphasizes powder, but the LOVEBUZZ is a board that has a wide range of adaptability, from powder to carving in compacted snow, to freestyle riding on natural terrain, and allows you to freely enjoy all kinds of slopes.It has operability and a sense of stability that are ideal for playing on terrain, especially natural terrain such as slopes and stream terrain.

Size: 148[CAMBER], 152[CAMBER], 156[S-LOW CAMBER], 157[ROCKER], 157[CAMBER], 158[CAMBER], 162[CAMBER]
Price: 148, 152, 158, 162: ¥79,200 (tax included)
156, 157(roc/cam): ¥103,400 (tax included)

46,51,54,55, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMXw run & trick models for medium and low speed range.
54ver.C, 55w ver.C, 58, 60w, 63w are designed with the concept of run and tricks in high-speed carving.

Although it has a supple flex, it is characterized by the speed of return due to the carbon placed under the core.It combines the quick response characteristic of carbon with the vibration absorption properties of an ABS top (sintered top for 58,60,63, 58,60, and 63).It has high carving performance due to the composite side cut, and has a flex balance as close as possible to a twin.We have succeeded in further improving ease of handling from low speeds and stability during tricks in the medium speed range.A premium model that enables a new riding style that is based on grator riding but adds a high quality run. "Version C" has a flex setting more suited to CARVING and is compatible with high-speed ranges. It is a high performance model that features a unique high response feeling due to the combination of ABS top sheet and carbon ribbon. XNUMX, XNUMXw, XNUMX are Mach's flagships that combine a sintered top.A super carving model with outstanding stability at high speeds.

Size: 146, 151, 154, 155W, 154 ver.C, 155w ver.C, 158, 160w, 163w
Price: ¥ 149,600 (tax included)

Outstanding rotatability and turning performance...short series III and IV that allow you to freely control the turn arc.
And outstanding high-speed stability and large turning arc...Long type IV, V, VI, VII that allows you to stand up the board as far as you want.

Outstanding rotatability and turning performance...short series III and IV that allow you to freely control the turn arc.And outstanding high-speed stability and large turning arc...Long type IV, V, VI, VII that allows you to stand up the board as far as you want.Based on the tapered shape and vario camber based on the unique hammerhead theory, and the outstanding carving performance due to the composite sidecut, the Desperado Type Earl continues to evolve innovatively.The up radius of the nose is also combined with multiple curves to smoothly control snow capture by squaring the board. 0.4mm titanal trimmed into an X shape is placed under the top sheet and adjusted to have moderate torsional rigidity that is not too strong.It maintains its suppleness and strong edge grip due to strong torsion.At high speed, you can experience the intense G of an unprecedented zone. .

Size: IIIn, III, IIIw, IV, IVw, Vw, VIw, VIIw
Price: IIIn, III, IIIw, IV, IVw : ¥184,800(tax included),
Vw, VIw, VIIw: ¥195,800 (tax included)

Soft flex design with fiberglass and poplar wood for carving entry.
Glass version with both flexibility and spring-like rebound

Feedbacking the development technology of the high-performance carving board "DESPERADO series" based on the shape based on the unique hammerhead theory, we have adopted a sandwich structure of lightweight poplar and glass fiber that is basic and has excellent cost performance.A model that pursues the functions required by entry-level carving users, demonstrating supple and sticky carving performance.Although it is for entry-level carving, it incorporates Gray's rich experience and technology, and pays close attention to details such as an ICP top sheet with excellent shock absorption and high-hardness steel edges, allowing you to fully enjoy the real pleasure of carving. It has the performance that can.The metallic deck color, which exudes a sense of luxury, is also attractive.

Sizes: 148, 154, 158, 162
Price: ¥ 86,900 (tax included)

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