"Supreme" best December



I'm getting off

I was slipping down.

In heavy snow in Japan

It ’s a great buff buff powder festival for snowboarders.

Snow removal is already a serious problem in the mountains.There is also a big avalanche.

I want to remember the spirit of helping each other in that area.

During the year-end and New Year holidays, it's also a good idea to remove yourself from the famous crowded ski resorts and go to a little-known ski resort that you don't usually go to.





I often met ponds and lakes, so I'll put them out.

Daizahoushi Pond Iizuna Highlands



Spring water fountain Lake Aoki

Also for split boarding in the surrounding area


You can go to a really nice place. ..




Lake Nojiri

From Madarao Kogen

It feels like a good old Japanese ski resort in Nagano.

A cool ski resort that manages and opens properly without taking the outside of the course outside the course




Oh, sorry, the photo is next to it. ..

Beech tree and FLOW MAVERICK160 NX2 GT, the symbol of a good powder forest

Have a nice POW !!!