The charm of BURTON [AK] told by a gear and wear selection expert

[AK]. This is a high-spec and luxurious series that ranks among the top of BURTON's soft goods.Why is [AK] trusted and loved by snowboarders around the world?We'll unravel the reason for this from stories from people at snowboard shops who are experts in gear selection.

For comfortable snowboarding

"Spend a comfortable time on the snowy mountains."This is the ultimate goal for snowboarding wear.It's out of the question to have a model that can't protect you from the cold wind while riding or riding a lift even if you're wearing it properly, but it's a problem when the inside of your clothing gets soaked if the outer material loses its water-repellent effect.Also, even though it is a winter sport, snowboarding makes you sweat unexpectedly, so if the inside of your clothes is stuffy, it will be uncomfortable, and if you leave it like that, you will get cold from sweat and get sick (which can even be life-threatening in the backcountry!) turn into.Therefore, even in freezing snowstorms, the clothing completely shuts out wind and snow (water), and releases the moisture that accumulates inside the clothing from sweat to the outside, giving the clothing a silhouette that makes it easy to move around. is required.In other words, clothing that is ``strong against the wind,'' ``doesn't get wet,'' ``doesn't get stuffy,'' ``easy to move around,'' and ``light'' is the best choice for both backcountry adventures in search of the finest powder and ski slope cruises where you can ride the chairlift over and over again. This is essential for comfortable snowboarding, even on intensely moving park rides.It is no exaggeration to say that if you can always maintain a comfortable wearing environment even when hiking or riding for long periods of time, it will directly lead to a higher level of pleasure and speed up your progress.
BURTON [AK] has all of these conditions.It's been going on for many years now...or, more accurately, it's been evolving.Furthermore, BURTON [AK] also has a sophisticated functional beauty due to its minimal design.Simply is best.Therefore, it is probably a useful item for town use.Due to the combination of these various factors, [AK] continues to be extremely popular at snowboard shops across the country.Now, let's ask staff at snowboard shops in Hokkaido and Kansai about the appeal of [AK].

Even if you're not in the backcountry, the temperature on the snow constantly changes in various situations when enjoying snowboarding.The [AK] series, which BURTON continues to carefully create, is a garment that is fully adaptable to this.

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FREE (Hokkaido) Owner Mr. Sato


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Among high-spec wear, [AK] is actually reasonably priced.

“In terms of the evolution of [AK],I think the evolution of GORE-TEX fabric is deeply involved, and the quality has improved significantly compared to the original additionFashion has also come into play.I think BURTON is the only company that can make GORE-TEX fabrics with intricate graphics.There are many color variations, and I think it has become possible to express originality.
Also, maybe...if other brands were to sell clothing using GORE-TEX fabrics on the same level as BURTON, I think the prices would be outrageous.Due to the recent weak yen, the prices of snowboarding gear and other items have gone up across the board, but if you're looking for an outdoor manufacturer or other brand, the top line price for a jacket is around 15 yen.BURTON keeps the cost down to around 10 yen.Considering that, I think it's reasonable.
I'd say it's particularly noteworthy...I personally like it and have purchased it, but it's a 2-layer stretchy jacket.GORE-TEX wear.Compared to other brands' clothing using similar fabrics, it is lighter and more comfortable to wear.[AK] is much better.on second thoughtsYou don't want what you wear to look heavy, right?I want it to be as light as possible, but still retain heat.After all, Hokkaido is cold (lol). 3 layersstretchIt's also a good idea to use a shell made of GORE-TEX and control it by layering.However, 2 layers are more comfortable to wear because they don't feel stiff.Also, if you do a lot of backcountry riding, you may want to wear 3 layers, which will help remove sweat, but if you mainly go to the slopes, I think 2 layers will be fine even in Hokkaido.
at the store[AK]'s reputation is also very good.After all, you can wear it for a long time. in one season[AK]'s wear is no longer usable...I've never heard anyone say that.Although it is quite expensive, it is attractive that it can be used for a long time.Well, the time it takes to replace clothing has increased, which is a problem for us as a store (bitter smile).'

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``Heat retention is important as you age (lol).However, when you go down to the down layer, it feels a little cramped and the heat collects and is difficult to escape.That's why the two layers have the perfect amount of padding. I like the HELITACK.It's really well thought out, with the part on the back that wicks away sweat.The bottom is a 2-layer bib pant that is the only one that uses stretch GORE-TEX.It's durable and wicks away sweat well. It doesn't feel as stiff as the top, and the front zipper makes it very easy to put on and take off.Of course, I layer properly to maximize the performance of both the top and bottom.The mid layer is also [AK] ], it's a great match and I feel great."

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>Mid layer (for extremely cold weather)

Mid layer (normal)

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A-BONY (Mie) Staff Mr. Ito

There is [AK] wear suitable for each occasion.

"The great thing about [AK] is that it uses GORE-TEX, a waterproof and breathable material. It shuts out the rain and wind from outside, and allows the stuffiness (sweat) inside to go outside. This is the highest quality membrane that eliminates waste.Also, GORE-TEX is a material that does not easily undergo hydrolysis, so it can be worn for many years.GORE-TEX is a product that has passed rigorous tests by GORE. The fact that GORE-TEX is used means that the quality is guaranteed to begin with.
The next thing I would like to point out is that XNUMXD cutting is excellent.The cuts are made to take into account the movement of your body while riding, so no matter how vigorously you move, the clothing won't get stiff or get in the way at all.What makes this possible is the high level of sewing technology.If you look at it closely, you will understand why BURTON reigns as a top brand.
Also, I think that even within one series, [AK], there are many models suitable for various scenes, which is an attractive feature that other brands do not have.For example, there are 1-layer and 3-layer fabrics, and among the 2-layer models, there are models that use GORE-TEX PRO, a highly durable fabric, and models that are stretchy and easy to move in. Among the 3-layer models, there are models with no padding.The fields and situations envisioned are very wide.
By the way, [AK] is the best selling BURTON wear at my house.Even compared to other brands of GORE-TEX wear, [AK] is a series with stable sales numbers.The most high-end of these is the GUIDE collection.This item is especially popular among people who mainly do backcountry riding, and some people choose to wear the same clothing as Masanori Takeuchi and Hiroshi Fujiwara, who are involved in the development. The HOVER series is also popular among those looking for high-spec models, and it is also attractive that colors that you will want to choose are introduced every year.Also, I think that more and more people of the younger generation who are enjoying the park are wearing [AK] these days.The CYCLIC series is popular among such people, and the most popular one at our house is the CYCLIC series.It has enough functionality for those who want something high-end, and can be used on the slopes.It's a model that I would recommend to people from all walks of life."

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``Three layers are easier to pull out and are lighter, but two layers have better heat retention due to the addition of a lining, and are also attractive in that they are a little cheaper.Moreover, this CYCLIC has a BURTON lining called LIVING LYNING. A unique material is used.In response to body temperature, the threads become thicker when it's cold to help keep you warm, and when it's hot, the threads become thinner and try to release the moisture inside. I think the combination of GORE-TEX and LIVING LYNING is amazing in this price range.I recommend the same CYCLIC for the bottom, but previously they only had pants, but a few years ago they added bib pants to the lineup.Powder If you're going to be skiing hard, bibs are definitely better, but if you're mainly skating in the park, some riders prefer pants because bibs make your movements a little sluggish.Of course, it's also cool to ski in early spring parks in bib pants and a flannel shirt. I think that's why I recommend it because there are more options."

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Of course, there's nothing wrong with following clothing trends.However, if you prioritize comfort above all else, it is popular with many snowboarders and trusted by shop staff across the country.Why not choose BURTON [AK]?You should be able to understand some of its high performance just by trying it on in a store!And when you actually wear it on a snowy mountain, you'll be impressed.Enjoy a comfortable snowboarding life this winter with BURTON [AK]!

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