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Wear to take on the world

Have you ever checked the existence of YONEX wear?There are many people who are considering test riding high-performance snowboards, including all-round and innovative snowboards that make full use of carbon technology, or purchasing them at a shop.Also, many people may imagine the scene in which YONEX's top riders who are active on the World Cup and Olympic stages use it.By making full use of our unique carbon fiber technology, we thoroughly design the material that makes up the board itself, and by freely controlling performance, we bring out superior performance and realize even better performance for snowboarders. board. Snowboards made by YONEX are rapidly gaining attention worldwide.
However, YONEX's snowboarding items are not only praised for their ability around the world for their snowboards.The clothing worn by athletes competing at the top of the world is also high-performance clothing developed by YONEX.
Since 2020, YONEX snowboarding wear has been the official wear of SAJ (All Japan Ski Federation) Japan's freestyle skiing and snowboarding team ``SNOW JAPAN'', and has continued to support the success of Japan's national team athletes.By being worn by athletes on the world stage, they continue to firmly demonstrate their performance on a global scale.

Yuto Totsuka continues to challenge the world.In competitions such as the World Cup, the final round is sometimes held at night.In order to maintain high concentration under such circumstances, it is very important to keep your body in the best condition.

Excellent functionality increases concentration on riding

The conditions at world-class tournaments such as the World Cup are completely different, and the final round is sometimes held in harsh night conditions.In other words, unless you wear tough clothing that can withstand sudden temperature changes and bad weather, you won't be able to compete at the top of the world.There is something even more important.It is ``ease of movement'' that allows players to bring out their full potential.
If you have worn YONEX clothing, your first impressions may have been how light it is and how easy it is to move around.Although it has tough performance, it is light and the material is supple, making it comfortable to wear. The biggest appeal is that you can maintain a ``stress-free'' state.
It can be said that it is this performance that has led to the athletes achieving great results in world-class tournaments that require the ultimate concentration.

Concentration is very important not only in competitions, but also when attempting advanced techniques.Easy movement and stress-free conditions improve the quality of your riding.
Various functions necessary to enjoy riding comfortably.Constantly evolving into the best features through repeated improvements based on rider feedback.


High-performance materials, A3RIDIN' and HEAT CAPSULE

The main material for the outerwear, ``A3RIDIN'', is an environmentally friendly laminated material made from recycled polyester.It has the highest level of ability, with water pressure resistance of over 30,000mm and moisture permeability of over 30,000g/m24/XNUMXh, which prevents water from entering from the outside and maintains the optimal environment inside the garment. Achieved.
What is also noteworthy is the introduction of YONEX's proprietary heat-retaining heat-generating material called "HEAT CAPSULE."The clothing does not require any insulation to keep you warm, and even though it feels extremely light to wear, it is still very warm inside.The mechanism is a technology called "infrared heating."Infrared absorbers are woven on the fiber surface and between the fibers, and have the ability to convert infrared rays into heat.The heat generated is retained within the air-filled fibers, keeping the temperature inside the garment high.
In particular, A3JACKET, A3PANTSmA3BIBPANTS adopts the powerful "HEAT CAPSULE TRIPLE" that provides the usual triple effect.In addition to the effects of ``far-infrared radiation'' that amplifies the heat emitted from the body, and ``thermal absorption heat generation'' that absorbs moisture generated from the body and generates heat and retains heat, it is a perfect product that always maintains a comfortable effect with these three effects. A defense mechanism has been introduced.
 YONEX rider Yuto Totsuka also said, ``Even when the competition is held at night, I don't feel cold wearing this clothing, and on the other hand, I don't get strangely hot even after moving, and my condition is always stable. "I like how it's worn," he said, commenting on how comfortable it is to wear.

Keep the inside of your clothing warm and comfortable even in harsh conditions.It's also lightweight and easy to move.The key to achieving this performance is the introduction of these two highly functional materials.

A3 series, which thoroughly pursues simple and tough performance.
A3TRICKER series incorporating trendy silhouettes

YONEX wear is currently divided into two main lines. The A2 series is a lineup with the highest level of functionality that incorporates ``HEAT CAPSULE TRIPLE'' into a sophisticated silhouette that fits your body movements.For pants, you can choose freestyle or freeriding pants, as well as bib pants that are both stylish and warm.Just to be safe, since it has a simple silhouette, it is possible to wear it a bit oversized by selecting the size.
 On the other hand, A3TRICKER JACKET&PANTS has a silhouette that can truly express an oversized freestyle feel.The pants have pleated shirring at the waist and a drawcord for a casual look.The hem of the pants is also designed with elastic, which is a design that incorporates the style that is popular on the slopes now.
 The ease of use of the pockets and hood, as well as the ease of use of such details, have been carefully crafted based on feedback from riders, making this a highly satisfying piece of clothing.If you are interested, we recommend that you try it on at a snowboard shop.You should be able to clearly experience the quality when you wear it.


YONEX SNOWBOARD WEAR 2023-24 model lineup


Price: ¥39,600 (tax included) Size: SS, S, M, L, O
Price: ¥35,200 (tax included) Size: SS, S, M, L, O
Price: ¥59,400 (tax included) Size: SS, S, M, L, O
Price: ¥55,000 (tax included) Size: SS, S, M, L, O
Price: ¥59,400 (tax included) Size: SS, S, M, L, O

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