Thank you for being born.

Today is the day when my favorite person was born.

A professional rider who thinks it's the most fun to skate together among the people who have skated so far.
Keiji's birthday.

Born to me
And I'm very happy that I met them at the same time and skated together.

Keiji, a mood maker who always makes everyone laugh and is an entertainer.

Someday I started to want to be a female version of KJ, and I was happy to hear from Keiji-kun and everyone that I could become a female version of KJ.

Keiji is very smart and hardworking.

So I can definitely slide together again.

The next time we skate together
I'm so good at it that I'm surprised Keiji-san!

I always lost in skating games, so I want to win this time!


I'm really glad I met Highwood and Tomboy.

Warm like a real family.




When flying a jump
Sometimes I can't see the future and I'm scared.

Sometimes I have to make high jumps that are big enough to shrug my legs.

But when I believe in myself and squeeze my courage to fly,
It feels great to be filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Whether you fall or fall

You can definitely get up unless you die.

Always rising after a fall.

Absolutely okay.

While thinking of Keiji-san, I'm telling myself that I'm scared.


I want to meet Keiji-san soon!

Oh, and today seems to be Asu-chan's birthday.

By the way, congratulations ♥ ︎lol

I love both of them T ^ T


I'm really glad I was born in this era!


Tom Boy is a yankee w