Thank you for XNUMX years

I have a little announcement today

It's an exaggeration to say a little or an announcement, but the riders Yasan, Tonchi, and myself, such as the Makoto Snowboard, have decided to withdraw from the Makoto Snowboard, etc. in the 2009-2010 season.

Each thought etc. is uploaded to the NEWS corner of the First Children homepage.

I think it's unusual to announce the withdrawal of a professional rider from a sponsor, but that's why we had a feeling for this true sky snowboard.

It all started when my first step as a professional rider evaded a contract with this Makoto Snowboard etc.

At that time, I was spending all my time working part-time for my child, who was born in a shotgun wedding.
The slip that I had been trying hard to dream of a professional rider may have already given up inwardly.
The "Gekokujo" project that started at that time.
Post-type snowboard DVD by snowboarders nationwide
At that time, although he was an amateur, the whole body snowboard gear was sponsored by the tournament.
I'm sure I was confident in the park
In fact, I took a part in Gekokujo No. XNUMX and got rid of the contract with Yasushi Yokoyama etc. after meeting Yasushi.
From there, I made a living as a professional snowboarder and became a member of First Children.

I was delighted to be able to snowboard as much as I could, and for a while I started slipping again.

Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left foot

Meniscus damage

In November, when shooting is about to begin, it's swollen and I can't walk properly.
However, I had no choice at the time, and I was doing the biggest slip I could with the legs with iron supporters.
As a result, he was taken to the hospital seven times and continued to drain blood from his swollen legs.

In January during such a season, the long-awaited birth of my child!
My legs were in this state, but I was very happy.

However, such a child was born with a heart disease and a sickness.

The tension of the season that I met as a professional for the first time
Level difference from top professionals
Legs that do not slip as expected
Heart disease in my child

I had an emergency operation and made a big scar on my newborn body.

At that time I thought it wasn't a big deal to rupture my ligaments

At the time of Kaede Fuyu's birth, I got a story that my model could be manufactured and sold from Makoto Snowboard etc.
Don't hesitate to name the model "Kaede Fuyu"
I gave my child a name

This is the origin of Kenji Taguri's model "Kaede Fuyu"
I was happy with the Kaede winter model I got for the first time-I took a commemorative photo-

Over the last 6 years, I've had a few feelings of losing, but it goes without saying that Kaede Fuyu's model board gave me courage.
Through my blog, I learned that there is Kaede Fuyu, who is derived from "Kaede Fuyu" such as "Kaede Fuyu", in addition to my child. I wanted to continue the "Winter" model, but I decided to withdraw due to problems such as the difference in the future direction between the manufacturer and the rider.

From now on, I will change my mind and ride a new board brand, but I would like to do my own slip that does not change anything.

Thank you very much to the people who have supported the Makoto Snowboard, and the many people who have been riding the "Kaede Fuyu" model.