Tateyama powder session just before the closing of the mountain in winter

Tateyama closes in winter every year at the end of November.Even though it was December, many riders gathered there this year as they said they could enjoy the finest powder.Let's have Yuu Takeo, who presides over the guide company Bantei in Hakuba, Nagano, report the pattern at that time.

Text: Yu Takeo (bamboo tail) / Photo: Mantaro Muramoto

The storm that lasted for a week calmed down, and on November 1th, the best conditions were reached.Many riders and backcountry enthusiasts have gathered for the finest powder, the first of the season in the Alpine area.This day is the so-called THE DAY. I have been to Tateyama in autumn every year for about 11 years, but in recent years, due to the influence of the warm winter, I have rarely been blessed with good conditions in Tateyama in autumn.But this year, I don't remember much of the favorable conditions so far.

It's a winter world. I don't think it's November!

Originally, K2 riders were planning to gather and shoot, but I felt that the risk of avalanche was high after the blizzard continued, so I decided that I should not shoot until such a risk, so I once missed the schedule. ..However, when I was looking at how the snow fell in the latter half of the storm, I thought, "This is ... I think I can go." To invite him to Tateyama.Members are K2 riders Takaoki Hashimoto, Ryuji Takai, Yuu Takeo, CARDIFF rider Minehito Morikawa, and young Bantei guide Ryoma Domoto.Originally I would like to stay overnight, but it was a day trip because I was in a hurry.

Meeting scene before hike-up by Takeo and Hassy

When I go to Tateyama in autumn on a day trip, I only have about 5 hours to stay there because of the vehicles.I changed trains on electric buses, cable cars, ropeways, and trolley buses, fantasizing about what I could do in the limited time.Murodo in Tateyama, which is located at an altitude of about 2,400m, is a different world from the one before the storm.The world of midwinter was spreading, with countless large slopes of no-track spreading all over.It's a spectacular view worth just going to see the scenery!Prepare immediately, hike up, check the snow conditions, and raise the altitude while thinking about where to slide.I was planning to glide on a long line from the ridgeline of 3,000m near the main peak of Tateyama, Oyama, but I could see a few places where ice and rocks were exposed due to the wind blowing snow, and Tateyama where snow was firmly blown up. For that reason, I decided to shoot on a short slope.

Imagine a line that will slide from now on?Delusion?If you do, you will naturally be able to walk faster.
The scenery that you can't think of in Japan is spreading in Tateyama

First of all, a light one that doubles as a wait-and-see.The riders' tension was irresistible to the light powder of the high season, which does not seem to be the first shot of the season no matter where they slipped.Convinced that the risk of avalanche is low, the second one is to walk to the slope where each rider wants to slip.And, when each of them carved a convincing turn, the time was up as soon as possible.Although it was a short time, each of them enjoyed the first powder ride of the season to the fullest, and was able to shoot, and slipped to the last bus and returned home.

Takai who aims and plays with the spray by plunging into the bank where the light shines
Morikawa's very comfortable powder riding
Hassy line too beautiful
The world of light and shadow created by Domoto's soaring spray
Takeo who aggressively challenged shooting as a rider instead of a guide on this day

However, only the cameraman Man-chan, who took the picture from the face-to-face, couldn't make it in time for the last bus, and there was a happening that he stayed at Hotel Tateyama alone (laughs).Well, this is also a good memory now.

Sunset shot left by the cameraman because he was late for the last bus

Due to the influence of La Niña this season, it is rumored that there is a lot of snow in December and January nationwide, but here Tateyama was able to feel the benefits before closing.I can't stop snowboarding with nature because I can enjoy such a wonderful day.Moreover, we were able to get off to a great start of the season from November.I have a feeling that this season will be the best season.May the best season come for you!