Takafumi Konishi & Yuri Okubo explain in video "With RAVINE SELECT, you can enjoy everything about snowy mountains"

Ski resorts around the country are opening one after another, and the snow conditions are improving, so if you're wondering which board to buy for the upcoming season, be sure to watch this video.
Among ROME SNOWBOARDS' new models, the model called RAVINE SELECT is particularly popular this season.
"ALL TERRAIN CHARGER" A board for enjoying snowy mountains with powerful response.

The RAVINE SELECT is a board that ROME's leading riders such as Takafumi Konishi and Yuri Okubo absolutely trust.
As you can see in the video, the two ROME riders are riding all kinds of snowy mountains with this board, including backcountry, powder, natural terrain, carving, and park riding.

RAVINE SELECT commentary: Takafumi Konishi Ver.

RAVINE SELECT commentary: Yuri Okubo Ver.

The best feature is the "diamond 3D sole" on the nose. The nose part has a XNUMXD shape and the left and right edges are slightly raised, which provides excellent straight-line stability in powder and allows smooth gliding even on rough snow surfaces. It also has a built-in sidewall with a flux wall that absorbs vibrations.
An all-terrain freeriding board that allows for quick turns while still being buoyant.
The top-of-the-line carbon Omega HOTRODS placed in the tail increases the repulsion of the ollie, bringing out performance that allows you to fully enjoy the park, while also producing power that is effective for slushing powder. Furthermore, the sinter speed base sole is said to have very good gliding performance.

If you watch the two of them riding, you'll be able to fully understand the appeal of this board.
The board design is simple, perfect for any layer, and has a high-grade feel.

After watching the video, please go to a snowboard shop and check out the real thing.
PRICE: ¥ 108,900
SIZE: 152, 155, 158, 162, 166
[FLEX value] 8 / 10

[Camber shape] FREE-THE-RIDE CAMBER (nose rocker + positive camber)
[Hot Rod] Carbon Omega Hot Rod
◉Flux Wall ◉Flux Impact Plate ◉Sinter Speed ​​Base ◉Directional Diamond XNUMXD

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