The birth of “DOGWALK”, a super tapered model that allows you to enjoy surf style_NOVEMBERsnowmaterial

Sufficient buoyancy to float in powder even at low speeds
Easy to handle, allowing for sudden turns like cutbacks

The new model "DOGWALK" was named after the "dog walk action" of the lure. The super tapered shape, designed with a maximum value of 40mm, changes from a wide nose to a narrow pintail shape, enabling quick nose control just like the model name.

The wide nose generates sufficient buoyancy even in powder on gentle slopes, making it possible to start smoothly even at low speeds. Furthermore, by using the narrow tail, you can enjoy dynamic powder turns similar to surf style cutbacks.

The side curve near the tail is combined with a tight radius, so the edge grip is stable even when carving on compacted snow slopes, and it provides comfortable turning performance. The core uses NOVEMBER's uniquely developed ultra-lightweight FM2 core, successfully reducing the total weight. We have created a controllable board that has a light swing weight and can be moved freely.

This board allows anyone to easily enjoy surf-like riding, allowing you to fully experience the feeling of floating in powder at low speeds. With a board like this, I'm sure your joy on days when you hit the powder will be doubled.

Powder camber system that combines low camber and rocker nose. Enables overwhelming buoyancy in powder and stable sliding on compacted snow slopes.
The nose is very wide and has plenty of buoyancy. Being able to run smoothly in powder at low speeds and on gentle slopes is attractive.
By setting a tight side curve near the end that connects to the narrow pin tail, it prevents the tail from drifting on compacted snow burns and enables stable turns.

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