Summer buddy ★ VINAKA SUP

Hello! !

Hot days continue every day (♡ ϋ) ノ

The other day I went to Lake Shima in Gunma prefecture!

It is a place with a beautiful light blue lake and river called Shima Blue!

It's so close to Tokyo that I decided on that day because I wanted to SUP in a hurry! !!

I have a strong desire to experience nature even in the summer

I am enjoying this summer with SUP that I started last year ♩

SUP SUP is recently popular among snowboarders as a summer off-trainer.


My buddy is VINAKA SUP!

SUP has various shapes like snowboards such as flat ones and rocker type ones.

I'm riding flat

Lakes and rivers are recommended!


I used to stand and ride,

I sat down for the first time this time!


The origin of the name of SUP

Stand up and Paddle Stand up and paddle

So I was wondering if sitting was different,

Recently I do Yoga on this SUP

It seems that there are also SUPYoga etc.

If it doesn't fall into the water, it's nothing!

I noticed that I am trying various things!

A view that can only be seen if it floats on the river

I'm excited to see a lot of these things and feel a sense of unity with nature ♩

However, SUP is dangerous for one person, so I need a companion,

Thanks to my husband who enjoys the sea and mountains together, I am able to challenge various things ★



You can sit in SUP with two people and go down the river

You can enjoy the scenery and experiences that you can't usually see

My activities have expanded since I became a life partner!

If you enjoy SUP with your friends instead of doing it alone, it's a lot more fun than snowboarding, isn't it? 💓