Introducing TRACKER PRO, a freeriding model for women that is compatible with powder, carving, and terrain, and enables higher-level riding_SABRINA SNOWBOARDS

Introducing the popular spoon nose and fiber plate
A high performance model that further evolves TRACKER


SABRINA SNOWBOARDS TRACKER PRO Size: 144, 148 Price: ¥86,900

"SABRINA" was born in 2003 as a snowboarding brand for women, and to this day we have created a brand that perfectly fits Japanese women's leg strength, physique, foot size, etc., and offers the best riding and snow life mainly in snowfields in Japan. We continue to create boards for people to have fun with. Without being bound by old values, we have created a lineup of attractive snowboards every year based on feedback from team riders that suit various styles such as free riding, natural terrain, and gravity riding, but in the next 2024-25 season, A new model was announced that resonated with many female users who said, ``I definitely want to try it.'' That is this "TRACKER PRO".
Do you know “TRACKER” that appeared this season? TRACKER is a directional all-mountain board with a large nose that provides plenty of flotation, a slightly thick waist, and a mild taper for a sense of stability. SABRINA is a brand that has been very particular about core materials, and this TRACKER uses a core made from a composite of three woods: resilient bamboo material, strong poplar, and lightweight light wood. . Its feature is that it is light and easy to maneuver, making it very easy for women to handle. The board has a natural camber shape that captures compacted snow slopes well, yet has plenty of flotation in powder, making it a favorite among team riders, and has already received a great response among female users.
The TRACKER PRO, which will be sold next season, is a further evolution of the TRACKER. Adopting a spoon nose with a 3D shape, it creates a smoother gliding surface in three dimensions, and the beautiful tapered line that connects from the large nose generates plenty of flotation in powder. Allows for quick turns. The built-in fiber plate underfoot produces even better response during high-speed cruising, allowing you to enjoy a high level of stable riding.
Recommended for those who want to increase speed and enjoy aggressive skiing that takes advantage of repulsion. Female snowboarders who want to be more aggressive than TRACKER should definitely try TRACKER PRO at a test ride event.

Camber shape with a very natural arch. Easy to ride, easy to handle, and allows for stable turns with firm edge grip while using the surface smoothly.
A large nose that allows you to feel plenty of flotation, and a tail that allows you to easily control quick turns.
From a large nose to a slightly thick center. Even though it's thick, it's easy to control edges and smoothly enter quick turns.
A beautiful tapered line that connects from the large nose. Balanced shape gives a sense of good control performance
Spoon nose that is not extreme and forms a smooth 3D shape. Delivers smooth and stable gliding performance
Built-in fiber plate at the feet. The appeal of TRACKER PRO is its good response during high-speed cruising.

TRACKER PRO: Impressions Asako Mitomo (ASAKO MITOMO)

Compared to the TRACKER, the TRACKER PRO is more stable during high-speed freeride, and has more flexibility for smooth movements. I also like that it allows for smoother approaches to various terrains! Not only can you perform side hits, powder, and carving, but you can also perform movements that blend in without being bounced off by bumps on uneven ground. I would definitely like active girls who want to expand their freeride experience to ride this bike.

Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi

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