Spring break Kirara camp coach decided !! We will convey the fun of snowboarding with luxurious coaches !!

Spring break Kirara camp coach has been decided! !!
With gorgeous coaches, we will convey the fun of snowboarding! !!

kirara-aLots of great things you can get with snowboarding! !!
You can meet a new self, make irreplaceable friends, and gain the power to work hard! !!
We look forward to your participation during spring break ^^! !!

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☆☆ Yuya Nakayama ☆☆
☆☆ Ryo Aono ☆☆
☆☆ Atsuhiro Suzuki ☆☆
☆☆ Yasutoshi Yamagata ☆☆

Ryo Aono, you all know it well!Vancouver Olympics, Sochi Olympics Halfpipe Japan representative!
Won countless big titles at the world championships.In addition, he accompanied him as a coach for Japan at the Pyeongchang Olympics.
At the All Japan Championship (HP) held in Takasu the other day, I was mixed with active players and won the 3rd place!

Kirara graduate Atsuhiro Suzuki has just won the All Japan Championship (SS) held at Snow Park Oze Tokura the other day! !!

Kirara graduate Yasutoshi Yamagata is also focusing on training half-pipe kids after the world championships as a former Japanese national team! !!

BURTON Rider Yuya Nakayama!In snowboarding, he is active in various fields such as competitions and videos.
Yuya, who continues to enjoy snowboarding, always pushes my switch!
In the summer, it is a multi-rider who enjoys nature sports all year round, from mountain boarding to rafting guides to forestry!

We will be holding a Kirara camp in March with such wonderful coaches! !!

Schedule: March 2019th (Tuesday) -3th (Thursday), 26
Location: Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort (Kano Prefecture)
Accommodation: Hotel Cypress Karuizawa
Target: 6 years old (years) -elementary school students from beginners OK
Capacity: 20 people Price: 69,000 yen (tax included)
* 2 meals for 7 nights, including lift fee
* A separate rental fee is required for those who wish to rent.

Coaches to attend:
Yuya Nakayama, Ryo Aono, Atsuhiro Suzuki Yasutoshi Yamagata
Hayato Imai, Michiyo Hashimoto

● Safe for your first snowboard!
● Grow your mind and body with snowboarding! !!
● There are staff who are qualified as nursery teachers, so it is safe to stay for the first time.

An accommodation-type snowboarding class by former Olympic athletes, which was established in 2003 with the aim of "raising children who shine brilliantly" through snowboarding. "KIRARA KAMP" has everything from the first snowboarding experience to player training for kids snowboarding for all levels nationwide.

Introducing photos of the three days of camp!
Search for "Kirara Camp 3 Days Flow"!

We look forward to your participation ^^! !!

Inquiries / Applications TEL: 0267-31-6527 (Weekdays 10: 17-XNUMX: XNUMX)
E-mail ⇒info@kirarakamp.jp URL⇒http://kirarakamp.jp/
* Please apply from "Digi Entry".