Special jib board & utility board with the latest GNU technology _HEAD SPACE / MONEY

GNU has created many popular freestyle models and free riding models.In particular, with ASYM / asymmetric structure, wavy magnetic traction edge, and banana technology (an original structure that adds a magnetic traction edge to the board shape that optimally combines rocker and camber), "I want to ride the latest snowboard. Then there is no doubt if you choose GNU. "This time, we will introduce the special jib board "HEAD SPACE" and the attention-grabbing utility freestyle board "MONEY". The most popular GNU model is Forest Bailey's signature model "HEAD SPACE". This board is packed with the mindset of Forest, who is famous as a park and jib master in the GNU team.The concept is "mid-flex and highly repulsive special jib board".A powerful ollie is possible with the repulsive force generated by the C3 structure that incorporates the double camber at your feet into the camber that enters the entire board.You can freely control various jump-type tricks and playing-type gratri.In addition, the wavy magnetic traction edge mounted on the side curve allows you to turn as you wish without shifting the edge, even in poorly conditioned burns.The asymmetrical internal structure and asymmetrical side cut, which are the biggest features, support the heel side turn, which is difficult to delicately control, by softening the core material on the heel side and deepening the side curve.This adjusts the balance of both sides of the toe and heel, allowing you to make a natural and pleasant turn on either side.It's a board with a lot of technology to enable flexible and free riding like a forest."MONEY" is attracting attention as a utility freestyle board that slides down the entire mountain.The twin-tip model with a C2-E structure that secures high-speed stability and sharp carving performance with twin cambers at both feet and produces high buoyancy with powder at the rocker in the center part has a very high degree of perfection. Proud.The soft and slightly wide outline is in excellent condition in all freestyles such as jib and gratri.In addition, the wave-shaped magnetic traction edge promises firm and edgy control with high-speed riding even in snow-packed burns and terrain play.Anyway, when I got on for the first time, the balance was so good that I could intuitively feel "This is easy to ride !!", and it was highly evaluated at the test drive events in each district.It is a board with excellent cost performance that keeps it at this price while having such performance.There are a lot of size variations, and there are sizes of 52,800, 130, 135 cm as "YOUNG MONEY / ¥ 140", and you can see how GNU is pushing strongly. GNU snowboards are easy to ride anyway.There are reasons for it, both visible and invisible.While experiencing the latest technology, I hope you will improve your skills with this season's GNU new board.HEAD SPACE (left)
Size: 149, 152, 155, 158cm MEDIUM WIDE / 155cm
Price: ¥ 77,000 (tax included)

MONEY (right)
Size: 144, 148, 152, 156, 159cm WIDE / 150, 154, 158cm
Price: ¥ 61,600 (tax included)

Both boards have a magnetic traction edge.The wavy edge grips the snow surface firmly and stabilizes the turn (left / HEAD SPACE, right / MONEY)

Left / HEAD SPACE with asymmetrical design, right / MONEY with general symmetric design. The outline of HEAD SPACE is different on the left and right.In addition, the internal core structure is also different, and in combination with the side curve, you can draw a natural and comfortable turn.