Soft flex design for carving entry users, "DELIGHT" where you can enjoy easy carving from medium to low speed_Gray Snowboards

fiberglass + poplar wood
Exhibits supple and tenacious car wing performance

Gray Snowboards
Sizes: 148, 154, 158, 162
Price: ¥ 86,900 (tax included)

While feeding back the excellent development technology of Gray Snowboards' high-performance carving board "DESPERADO series" based on the shape based on the unique hammerhead theory, it adopts a sandwich structure of lightweight poplar and glass fiber that is basic and excellent in cost performance. This "DELICGHT" model is a model that pursues the functions demanded by carving entry users who demonstrate supple and tenacious carving performance.

When it comes to carving boards, the price jumps at a stretch, and I think there are many people who couldn't afford it.However, even though this DELIGHT is for entry, it has introduced Gray's extensive experience and technology, and has been particular about details such as adopting an ICP top sheet with excellent shock absorption and a high-hardness steel edge, and is sufficiently carving. It has a performance that allows you to enjoy the real thrill.
The finish of the deck, which is full of luxury, is also attractive.

Precise single camber arch bend that is essential for sharp full carving built in the development of the DESPERADO series.


Hammerhead shape that combines multiple curves for the nose up curve and smoothly catches snow on the edge.


Adopts a directional shape with three compound sidecuts



High-hardness steel edge, sole uses P-Tex 3000 Graphite Sinterd

Preemptive gear feature: GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>High-performance guratori model "GENIUS [Cam/Roc]" "TRICKSTICK [iz]" that introduces the highest technology of GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>“LOVEBUZZ” is a free carving series that explores all types of snowy mountain terrain.
>``MACH'' is a cutting-edge carving machine that will lead the new era of run and tricks.

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